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140906 B1A4 Road Trip in Manila 1/2

Yes, finally, I got around to finish editing and uploading B1A4 Road Trip photos! Much thanks to Marchy and Clara for pushing me to do it, lol. It took quite some time and there’s really no other excuse besides being busy and too lazy to edit. /kicked More photos can be found over at Aviate B1A4 because I gave some to them. I feel like those still have my ~special touch~ in terms of style, but they’re a little more…

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140906 B1A4 Road Trip: LIGHTS, CAMERA, SMILE!

K-pop concert-goers, let’s face it: before we enter the arenas or halls, we look around and just can’t help but notice other fans’ outfits, yes? I have a huge dorky love for fashion and so does my friend Clara. We’re both involved with K-pop and its fandom too! The idea came and the result: why not start The Sartorialist-esque posts about K-pop concert fashion? That’s why this post will be in collaboration with Clara. I take the photos and she…

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