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170707 #SuperPopConPH2017 Press Conference

As I mentioned before, KIRIN, in coordination with LUMOS E&M and All Access Productions, brought to the Philippines Super Pop Con 2017. Included in the line-up were, in no particular order, VIXX, B1A4, Pentagon, B.A.P, BTOB, B.I.G, and Kriesha Chu. This post will be about the press conference, as I’d stated in the title, hehe.

(I’m getting ahead of myself but I have to give a shout-out to AAP’s Saki for accommodating Oh, She’s Back! for the first time. It wouldn’t have been possible without her. She informed me properly, all the way from prior to the event until the end!)

Honestly, I was pooped by the end of the concert. Probably because I went around the lower box area (where we were designated) and spent so much energy laughing with friends from KStreetManila.

Anyway, before I get too ramble-y, I’ll begin! Starting off the press conference was B1A4. Marchy went with me for both the press conference and concert. Her face when B1A4 was first was priceless! A bunch of sweethearts who make good music, really. ♥ I think my favorite off them is their Solo Day mini-album (link is the mini on Spotify).

It’s been a while, but B1A4 was here for their Road Trip concert back in 2014 and I was there! Photos are here (part 1) and here (part 2).

I know Jinyoung was in a bunch of dramas (Love in the Moonlight, arguably his most popular one) but I’m not a big Kdrama follower, so I’m not very well-versed with that part of Korean pop culture. He does compose a lot of songs though! Nothing but mad respect for his talented self.

Gongchan being silly, pretending to play the violin!

Next up was VIXX. Me, ever-amazing, didn’t have a group picture of the boys. Don’t ask, I don’t know what happened either. Probably because Jaehwan and Hyuk stole my attention. Such handsome men!

Jaehwan is so attractive, I cry tears.

LeoBin. *eyes emoji*

I love that they mentioned they’d been having yearly visits to the Philippines, haha!

My favorite off the line-up was BTOB. No surprise, really, because I’m a huge fan, haha. They’ve been here a bunch of times (DKFC2, Best of Best Concert, and One K Concert–I’d been to all of them, no shame because I love them like that!). As always, they were absolutely hilarious! Changsub sauntered right in just as they were just being introduced, and he had to retreat back to the room. Never change, my boy.

Still soft for Hyunsik. Always will be. 🙁

As they walked in, we were clapping for them (we did the same to the other artists). Bless BTOB’s souls, they clapped and whooped along with us. They’re just so naturally funny and laid-back with the press and their fans, it’s hard not to love them!

They’re down-to-earth and incredibly nice. Need I explain more? I’d need a separate post to express my love for BTOB, haha.

Anyway, after BTOB was Pentagon, both under the same label, Cube Entertainment. They were here for the New Year’s Eve celebration in Quezon City Circle. (I would have gone, really, because I live in Quezon City, but I wasn’t in the Philippines during that time.)

(I have a very lowkey crush on Yuto, shh. Look at those cheekbones!)

Next was Kriesha Chu. Omg, baby girl!

She’s actually the cutest ever. Incredibly lovely young girl. She was born in Makati! She also said she prepared a surprise performance for Filipino fans.

Next up was B.I.G! They’re creeping up into my heart very quickly. (Hello, Gunmin, sleeveless boy.)

I have to mention Benji in all of this. When they entered he literally yelled, “WOW THERE’S SO MANY PEOPLE HERE :D”. He also sent a video message to Vice Ganda. He seems like an all-around delightful person!

This is Gunmin. Wala lang, I just needed to point out, haha!

*heavy breathing* B.A.P NEXT AAAAAAA

I will always be soft for B.A.P. 🙁 It’s funny because the times they’d been here for DKFC2 and One K Concert, they were with BTOB too. (The one exception was MBC Show Champion.) Both groups are friends with each other.


That’s it for the press conference. To summarize: I still love BTOB. I love VIXX’s modernized hanbok outfits. Shangri-La has been on repeat since the concert ended. B.I.G is making me like them way too fast (Benji is a big contributor to this cause). Pentagon are great performers. Kriesha is super cute omg. B.A.P still, and forever will, slay their stages. B1A4 are forever talented sweethearts!

I tried to not be too ramble-y, lol. Look out for the concert photos in a bit!

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