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170707 #SuperPopConPH2017 Concert

Medyo redundant, ano? Super Pop Con Concert, haha. I kid, I kid.

After the press conference (which, if you haven’t seen the post yet, I’ll link here), we were ushered to the arena itself and we were designated at the second floor; in other terms, the lower box area. We were given the freedom to choose where to position ourselves, though the media/press mostly stayed in the upper area. I went around but I wasn’t sure if it was allowed because different people gave different answers so, uh, I don’t know. ^^; For some time, I had to stay at the upper area because they didn’t allow me to go down (this was during VIXX–I KNOW #SADNESS), but afterwards I did it anyway and I was allowed eventually. #confusedt But. Huh. Anyway, that was that!

So! We didn’t have to wait long for the show to begin. First up was Pentagon!

Still not very familiar with them, but they’re all a bunch of adorable/handsome kids. I can see why fans like them.

Following them was–*takes a deep breath*–BTOB.


Amazing performers, great personalities–the bias is Very Strong with BTOB. I just adore them so, so much! I hope they will (finally) have a solo concert here. You can do it Peniel, you can convince your boss(es).

Up next, VIXX. I still shamelessly body-roll to Shangri La (in private of course, lol).

Have I mentioned how much I love their modernized hanbok stage outfits? Yes? Thousands of times? Well, I’m reiterating it–love love love them. Haha.

Following VIXX is B1A4. They were very much into their fanservice! They’re nice boys. (I sound like a mom, lol.)

I think CNU is (one of) my photography muse(s). The last time they came here for Road Trip, I really enjoyed taking photos of him.

What did I tell you? Somehow my photos of CNU are usually dynamic. (Naks, dynamic daw talaga.)

Kriesha Chu followed after. Gosh, she is so darn cute!

Her special stage for Filipino fans was her rendition of Kung Ako Na Lang Sana. She did such a great job. That hugot though. Who hurt you, bb?! Haha.

Next was B.I.G! A bunch of hyper and bubbly kids. It’s kind of hard to be not fond of them, haha.

Yass, work that flower crown, Gunmin boy!

They’re so full of energy, it’s great. The day after this, I was the assigned photographer for the one-on-one interview by KStreetManila (article coming out soon, watch out for it). They just seem so nice. Sweethearts, really.

Finally, the last performers were B.A.P. Love them!

I still can’t believe we watched Zelo grow up, from his growth spurt to how he is now… taller than ever, haha.

The same with BTOB, I hope when they have their concert, their company will consider the Philippines in their tour!

There was a final entrance of all the performers… except Pentagon, BTOB, VIXX, and B1A4. They had to leave already because of prior schedules, leaving B.I.G, Kriesha, and B.A.P.

That wraps up my posts for Super Pop Concert Philippines 2017! Once again, this event was brought to you by KIRIN in coordination with LUMOS E&M and All Access Productions.

Phew, with that aside, I’d like to thank my concert buddies, Trisha, Bea, and Marchy. This experience would not have been filled with laughter and jokes without you guys. ♥

Now some (possibly boring and depressing) updates about #life and #adulting. Not sure if anyone will care but ehh, I figured it’s my blog so feel free to skip. This is just me rambling my sentiments in this, uh, space I guess.

Anyway, I’ve recently resigned from my job/position of five years. Um, yeah, I still can’t believe it. I feel like a fresh graduate out to apply for jobs again. I won’t lie though because besides looking around online, making phone calls and asking for job vacancies, the times I was idle were pretty… scary to say the least. When I was still working, I had a gazillion plans and things to do. Like I always had them in my head but now with all this “free” time I suddenly didn’t know where to begin. It’s also mostly driven by thoughts of lacking stable income.

I’m still taking my master’s degree so technically I should be preoccupied, right? Well, I didn’t enroll for the midyear because I’m done with my coursework (yay!) and the next semester starts in August. So, yeah, lots of free time.

The scary part of being an INTP and just having left a very busy work lifestyle is that when I’m left with lots of idle time, I kind of overthink things and end up not finishing anything. I end up having Lots Of Thoughts and swimming in them, unable to produce actual results; consequently, demotivating myself even more. It’s quite a mental struggle.

I know it’s funny and ironic coming from a guidance associate (aka a guidance counselor who doesn’t have a license yet). People think I have everything in place. I mean, my job, essentially, is to guide people in making their own decisions for their own lives. Yet, I’ve been terrified of actually going out and making decisions for myself, fearing other’s judgmental stares. I KNOW OMG it’s ridiculous that I’m thinking of that at this age, but I guess I have to eventually learn how to suck it up and just go. No one else will navigate my life except me, so… yeah.

This quarterlife crisis was brought to you by Elaine. *laughs awkwardly*

Things are looking up though. I’ve picked up my old blank notebooks and restarted sketching after how many years of neglecting that part of me. I’ve mustered enough courage and walked into a job interview. (Literally. I also almost backed out in the last minute.) It’s all a work in progress, and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get somewhere. Maybe what happens in the future is not part of my plan, but heck, things change. (To be honest, I somehow have a knack for stumbling into things unexpectedly and changing my life’s course. The job I just left? Completely not part of my plans. Yet here I am, 10000% more experienced and backed up by a bunch of amazing people.)

I know I’m not alone in this, and to anyone who has read until this part and is feeling lost, just hold on. Breathe, write things down, gather enough courage, and just go do things. You can do it.

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