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161016 OFFROAD in Manila – Korean Cultural Festival at the Shang

Life updates at the end of the post because… well… just because…? I need an outlet to summarize my current life lol. ;_;

Anyway, can you believe Oh, She’s Back! is a year old? ME NEITHER, WHAT EVEN. I have totally neglected my blog that I had to be reminded to renew my host and domain. I was supposed to post about GFriend’s showcase here back in September, but I somehow never did it? Partly because the photos are already up at KStreetManila. (Which btw in case you don’t know yet, I work for KStreetManila. Or. Contribute to them, rather? Volunteer? Part of the staff? Um, regardless, I’m very involved with them and we’re finally going to places.)

As you can read the title of this post, the latest event didn’t involve me going under KStreetManila’s name. Rather, it was out of curiosity. It was for free, so hey, why not?

Honestly, before OFFROAD set foot in the Philippines, I’ve literally never heard of them at all. Like, not even in my radar of following non-famous groups. I did some looking around and found out that they were in music shows like back in 2013 and had member changes upon changing agencies. (Change is coming din daw sa kanila, charot.) They’re active in Japan with a relatively good following there. They’re not big (yet) but they’re (re)starting in getting their names out there.


OFFROAD’s current roster of members include Daewon, Kino, Habin, Rio, and Harang. Previously, with their old lineup, they had released their singles Bebop and Head Banging, the latter produced by Block B’s Zico. As mentioned, they’ve been actively promoting in Japan, and with good reason, I suppose! I think it’s nice that their agency decided to promote them here. Despite not having as many fans yet, it’s nice that there are local Filipino fans supporting them.


Apparently I’m becoming one of them!

I went to their show at Shangri-La Plaza, expecting nothing. Previously, Dana and Kuya Dan went to their press conference and Trisha, to their fanmeeting, both under KStreetManila. (I’m trying hard to promote KStreetManila bear with me, HAHAHA.) Safe to say, they left with some good feelings for the group. I was kind of baffled; how could this happen with a group we all don’t (didn’t) even know about? It was intriguing. Plus, Habin’s Instagram photos of him kind of drew me in, haha, he’s kind of cute, okay?! 😛 So I had to go see them and see what’s up.



(I still remember him by Corn, lol, he’s Kino, Elaine!!!)



(This is Daewon!!! He!!! Is!!! A Soft Tol!!!)


When they began performing though? Guys??? Because I didn’t expect anything, I was so shocked because they were good. I had to stop shooting for 10 seconds and cover my mouth, then my face, BECAUSE WHY WHAT HOW W H Y.




Not only that, when I went to the event, I knew no one else except Habin. But lo behold, I was shocked to see how pretty Harang and Daewon were (are!). Rio was really cute and HE IS SUCH SMOL BABY. Kino is growing on me really fast because of his ADD_CORN username, lol.


(This is Harang. He is officially my favorite bungisngis in this world. Exhibit A.)


(Exhibit B. SEE??? What a cutie. He’s also the one of the most, if not the most, badass Vainglory player in the world, under the name Ruin in the team Invincible Armada. Yeah, I’m Ruined alright.)



(This is Rio. A very hyper smol.)


(Daewon was in Mydol, the reality show where VIXX came to be. Even if I was told that he was first to be eliminated, despite having been a trainee for 4 years and being the hyung who helped the newcomers, I just had to watch it anyway because, I don’t know, maybe I love to die??? And drown in my own tears??? The tears are 10% thanks to Hongbin’s predebut hair but 90% because Daewon. 🙁 He has completed his military service by the way. He won’t be gone anytime soon, lol! Daewon-ly one for me. ♥ /kicked)






(Japanese fans say they’re the RiRang couple. I believe them.)











At one point, Harang mistook me as Korean. He was smiling so widely and he nudged Rio in such amazement??? Bro why you gotta be so cute. 🙁 Then Daewon and I interlocked fingers and he said “thank you” and I replied “THANK YOU TOO :D” /facepalm

Oh, and I had given Habin a gift in a paper bag because, well, first bias I guess? Right before him, I was panicking because omg what2do-dean.mp3?! I was like “how do I hands wao” and I chucked my phone in the paperbag and gave the said paperbag to him. I only realized that it was there when I went down the stage and stared in horror at all the identical paper bags behind them. Aha. HAHAHA. Haaaaah. Thanks to the staff (Ms. Andhie I believe?) I got my phone back. It was so embarrassing because all my life’s secrets are in there! Well, sort of.


As their last hurrah in the Philippines, they’ll be having a mini-concert on Thursday next week, October 27 at Teatrino, Greenhills! Please go and watch them, they’re sweet kids and the tickets are super cheap. I’m going because what’s there to lose, really. (Daewon-ly one for me, lol!) PS. They’re having a comeback early next year and oh dear lord am I ready for this.

Oh, and heeeeyyyy, they’re all of legal age. 😛 Just thought you guys should know!



Finally, the personal things! It’s nothing much I guess, more of a ramble. TL;DR, no I’m not deleting my blog, lol, I just paid my annual fees!!! Gah, anyway.

*scratches head* *stares at the sky*

Basically how I have been this latter half of the year ever since grad school resumed for me. My first semester in my third year of grad school has been… very… busy??? I don’t even know how to describe it… maybe extremely research-heavy for both subjects. I’ve been failing spectacularly in complying to the deadlines for one of my classes so if anyone I know in that class sees this (which I doubt but who knows), I admit it!! And–*Woohyun voice*–I have no one to blame but myself, since it’s been CRAZY–at work, at school, with extra-curricular activities (hi KStreetManila), and life in general (Korea trip is so soon in December!!!). Being an adult-but-teen/kid-at-heart is hard!

Oh, also, thank you Mystic Messenger for adding to the general busy-ness of my life. I had to stop after clearing two routes (Baehee ♥ Jaehee ♥ and Zen lol) because of the daily lack of sleep. I actually contemplated on finally proceeding with the Deep Route today, but then I had to hold back because it’s such a huge commitment; you have to devote yourself to it! Parang pagmamahal lang. #hugotsoftitasofmanila

Lastly, I haven’t even mentioned my latest fascination with pretty BL mangas (Ten Count, Hana no Mizu Shiru, both of which are nsfw but /PRETTY/ AND /ACTUAL PLOTS/ SO). Ten Count hit too close to home thanks to one of the dudes being a clinical psychologist working with kids. You hear that? That’s the sound of me screeching when I found out about this manga. (Also, it’s not yet done. *doubles the screeching*)

*coughs* I’ll work hard in taking care of my blog. ;u; /pets it Anyway, I’m becoming more active on Facebook, aka actually looking at it once a day if I remember. Plus, my Twitter is still… there. I use my personal account all the time, but I still receive notifications from @ohshesback. ;u; Talk to me, I don’t bite! I can be super lutang/weird though. /laughs awkwardly

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