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161016 OFFROAD in Manila – Horizon Mini-concert

We’ve come to the end of OFFROAD’s escapades in Manila!

As I mentioned before, for their last hurrah with fans, they held a mini-concert entitled Horizon. I had a lot of fun! The adrenaline from writing academic papers and reporting two hours before the event kept me up, most especially traveling from school to Greenhills during rush hour…! x1.8 price surge, all because I had to make it. (I’m normally hesitant with anything that has to do with price surges but 1) you can make scheduled bookings with Uber, tho estimated prices reflect only upon booking and you can cancel within 5 minutes–yes it all works! and 2) did I really have a choice, since I can’t be late? ;~; I’d commute with MRT and jeeps because that option is way cheaper but ugh I didn’t think I’d make it, so, um, yea.)

((Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I’m not sponsored by… anything/anyone, really. Only by my own finances as a regular, every day employee. ;u;))

Going back, OFFROAD capped off their stay here with a mini-concert for Filipino fans. It lasted roughly 1.5+ hours? It was pretty great! I met with Clara and Micah, though I was together with Trisha, Aya, and Minde. We were seated in the front row and it was Quite an Experience. Literally when they came out onstage we all leaned back because we were so NEAR.

There was one part during the concert, that one song they covered, and it sparked the connection in all four of us, haha. More on that as I go through the photos!



They covered BEAST’s Beautiful Night and guys I swear I couldn’t stop screaming. My inner 2011 ~B2UTY~ feelings resurfaced, haha!



Harang here kind of reminds me of Sehun when they were here for DKFC1–in his blonde hair and glittery sky-blue jacket. I still remember how much I screamed for Sehun because I loved that jacket, haha. Ahh, those were the days!


Ahh, Daewon. ;u; I’d fallen so fast for him, huhu. I thought I’d never be kilig over Korean boys anymore ever since I’d gone back to Infinite. *coughs* Too late for that now!







Rio and Kino are both a sub-unit of OFFROAD and they’re called OHNOBRO. *u*







Because they covered DBSK’s Love in the Ice. IT’S UNACCEPTABLE EVEN IF THEY’D DONE IT BEFORE. BECAUSE THEY (STILL) DID SO WELL!!! (Link is a Tweetvid thanks to Aya!) ;~; When the opening notes began, Trisha, Aya, Mande, and I were all screaming bloody murder; “BES DON’T ME“, “BESHIE BAKIT“, “MARUPOK AKO BES“, and other variations of those. I’m pretty sure the boys wanted to laugh at us because we were literally right in front of them and we were just panicking and screeching [the lyrics] incomprehensibly. You can hear us singing in the Tweetvid link above, complete with sintonado voices lol.



Okay. *breathes* Daewon is really a patoot, aw. ;3; He seems really nice too.


The boys had to point to the person who they thought identified the most to the given question. They all pointed to Kino when they were asked who they thought had the bad boy style, haha.


Harang’s face! LOL! They were asked who was the ~most romantic~ and while I was pointing to Daewon, Harang formed an “X” with his arms because apparently, none of them were! :))



Habin had to do aegyo and before this, his face was like :/ LOOLLL






i’m okaY


Me: Aha… hahaha… moving on…

Also me: He’s a cutie wow??




“Honestly, why is he like this?!” I whisper in my best tsundere voice.










He’s such a cutie–I’M SORRY BUT HE IS also I have caught the Feelings since I’ve watched him in Mydol, send help.


Ahh, I really hope he’s a sweetie offstage, too. ;u;


They were supposed to give away the signed shirts to fans. But of course he had to wear it first. Of course, Daewon.



Lucky fan got to hug Harang, haha. They were both cute! The fan kept jumping and Harang pat her head and hugged her. ;u;







For Habin’s birthday surprise, Trisha bought the cake for him. Yamanin si beshie, haha jk!

(I’m incredibly Daewon-focused I’M SORREH I’M BIASED :c)

This was also the time when we had to coach Daewon how to say “maligayang bati” aka “happy birthday” in Filipino… and to have him flip the “N” in the right position, lol.









I don’t know where it is, probably before their Love in the Ice stage, but they also sang Rainy Blue. Here’s a link to DBSK’s performance with Hideaki Tokunaga, HAHAHA. Haaaah. ;n;

That time, I actually thought OFFROAD was singing something familiar… then it dawned on me that it’s Rainy Blue. UGH. U G H. I just–DBSK was my first love, and I’m still a softie for them to this day. 🙁





They covered APink’s No No No. I think they appreciated how we danced to the choreo too, lol, we deserve a trophy for being supportive titas of K-pop okay haha, jk!








Cutest bungisngis eveeeerrrr!





He laughed at me when I didn’t notice the lens cap was still on. ;-;


The photo-op! I was part of it. I hugged Rio, Kino, and of course, Daewon. (There were people in line for Harang and Habin! ;;) When it’s time for the photo-taking, Daewon swooped Aya and me into each of his arm LIKE WHAT BOYYYY. His strength is no joke!

Ahah, well, that’s all I guess. I’m a fan of a new-old group, I think!

Sigh! Writing this made me re-watch old DBSK videos and listen again to their old discography when they were still five. After all these years, my heart is still weak for DBSK. ;_; Their ballads as Tohoshinki were what got me into them, and soon (AND REALLY SLOWLY), into other K-pop groups as well. 🙁

Okok, I’m not going to end this post on a sad note. This is about OFFROAD after all, haha. I hope they find success in their comeback early next year. I’m anticipating it a lot. All the best for the boys! *o*

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