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160806 #DEANinMNL Promotional Tour

Ahh the event itself… was also pretty eventful, lol! Let’s start at dawn. I woke up, showered, put on make-up, and off I was to SM Skydome. I was so relaxed because I’m just a short commute away. In hindsight, if I really wanted the CD signing, I should have woken up earlier because when I reached the venue at almost 7am, I was already 450+ in queue, along with Kuya Jom and Kim. Oops. (They only allotted 200 people for the CD signing.)

Okay, hold up, you might be wondering–why was I queuing early in the morning when I had a media pass the day before? Well, KStreetManila did have a media pass for the event, but we had decided to designate Dana as the photographer the day of the event itself. (It’s only fair for both of us to divide the work, not to mention we also worked around our respective schedules. Besides, I’d already planned to queue early on with my friends before getting the pass, hurhur.)

Going back to the story, queuing was a little confusing, not knowing who to follow instructions from. We were even kind of stressed out about it…? I think everyone in the queue was. Nevertheless, things went for the better route and we were able to secure Dean’s EP and a ticket (um, receipt really) to enter Skydome. Oh, and Pokemon Go was released in the Philippines that morning!!! No kidding, it was like my dead-tired body was resurrected thanks to Pokemon Go. #priorities


Once inside, I caught an Eevee!!! *coughs* That aside, I stood somewhere in the seated areas, thankfully elevated. God knows how I wouldn’t be able to see anything once it begins with all the phones and tablets up above. And yes, it was a good decision. (DSLRs were allowed inside. Yeah, I was surprised but, yay, no need to sneak in equipment!)

The event didn’t begin with Dean immediately. We had Krissy first as the opening act!




There were some technical difficulties in the beginning but the audience was super supportive of her, it’s amazing and super cute at the same time. :”) AHH, and when she started singing 12:51!!! (MV here) Everyone was singing along and lots of people held up the flashlights on their phones, it was so endearing to see. Here’s a video of it. You’d think we’re at Krissy’s fanmeeting instead, lol!


Following Krissy was Curse & Bless. Admittedly, I’m not a big EDM fan but he set the mood for the event with the music. I remember joking with friends how we’re pretending to be in Valkyrie with Dean. (Which by the way, he did go to Valkyrie after the event!!! Ugh, I should’ve gone. What use is my adulthood if I don’t go to clubs chasing after artists I adore? Haha just kidding… kind of.)

(Okay, no, not really. Had I known, I legit would have gone LOL)






D-E-A-N balloons. I love this!


I love that he/she used the puppy Snapchat filter on Dean, huhu, SAME.



Heart pose from the audience for Dean. Same.


And he reciprocates with a heart!


His signature 😛 face. CRYING such a flirty patoot.




Another heart!








But wait there’s more. If you think he’s already flirty-cute while performing, hoooooooo, are you in for a treat. When he’s signing CDs and looking at his fans in the eye, he is juuuust. So. Freaking. ADORABLE. Like, okay, think of the cutest little puppy you’ve ever laid your eyes on. He’s exactly that. Irresistible and super cute!

I’m just… I’m a spirit. Don’t mind me. /pooh-spirit.gif







Ahh, this was when Dean was sort of disgruntled because they were rushing each fan to leave the stage. He was like >:O and omg guys I’m feeling all sorts of kilig remembering it, I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING asdadjk!!! *breathes* Anyway, because after being >:( at staff, seemingly because he wanted to spend more time with the fans, the transition slowed down a bit. And UM GUYS, he was literally interlacing his fingers with the fans’ hands. Not just one, but many more after.




Y’all. I’m just. I’m going out. I’m done. I need a moment to scream at how adorable he is!!!








I’m crying, looking at him looking at people in awe. 🙁




AAAAAAAHHHHHH litol cutie Dean.



Soooo cuuuute ahuhu.





See you soon, smol but tol bb with the voice of an angel! A really flirty and adorable angel, lol.


More photos of the event can be found at KStreetManila’s FacebookPhotos (I took of) from the press conference can be found here.

Thank you, MCA Music Philippines, for inviting KStreetManila (and me!) to be part of #DEANinMNL.

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