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160805 #DEANinMNL Press Conference

So. Guys. Let me start off this post by saying just how much of a changed person I am after last weekend with DΞΔN aka Deanfluenza aka Dean. Just when I thought I’m too ~seasoned~ to be kilig over someone else in the Korean music scene, he walks into my life and sweeps me off my feet. Charot! But you get me? It’s that feeling. It’s like I’m a teenager all over again. *heart emojis everywhere*


To give a brief introduction of him, Dean’s real name is Hyuk Kwon. He started off in the music scene as a composer under the pen name Deanfluenza, a portmanteau of Dean, derived from the American actor James Dean, his inspiration, and Fluenza from influenza, his desire to spread his music like a virus. His beginnings started from the underground scene until he was discovered by Hyuk Shin, the CEO of Joombas Music Group. Since then, under the company’s care, he’s been composing music for Korean idols such as, but not limited to, VIXX and EXO. Dean differentiates the two sides of himself–Deanfluenza the composer and Dean the artist/performer.


Actually, I’d never known who Dean was until I heard about MCA Music Philippines bringing him here for a promotional tour… and even then, I was still clueless why people were freaking out. My friends told me how he composed EXO’s Unfair and they were raving at how amazing he is. Curious, I went through his Wiki and was left impressed with his compositions. So I downloaded his EP 130 mood: TRBL off Spotify (yay premium!) and the timing couldn’t be better–it was the night before our Internet at home died for nearly a month. I pretty much spent the 3+ weeks listening and internalizing his EP. If this ain’t fate…! 😛

To be honest, I was still pretty neutral with Dean after hearing his album. I mean, it’s nice–different even!–and he’s a great singer. What’s there to not love?

But that was until I watched his live performances.

Seriously? I literally gasped out loud hearing his non-CD-recorded voice. It’s made of the finest wine and best-quality dark chocolate. Lol I don’t know why I described him as such either, but you have to agree that he’s just so, so good. So… it was then I realized he’s freakin’ made for music.

Fast-forward to the press conference (thank you Mish, Kuya Dan, and MCA Music!), for all of Dean’s dark and savvy aura… he’s–um, he’s actually kind of a teddy bear. Omg he’s just… so insanely cute? and squishy? and SOFT? AND SMOL BUT TOL? Yes. He’s incredibly adorable and charming. I understand now why people fall head over heels for him haha BECAUSE SAME.


I don’t have much to share here, but he introduced his EP and himself for the most part, then there was a Q&A session afterwards. At the top of my head, the most memorable question was about his love for Pokemon, LOL. If he were to be a Pokemon, which one would he be? He answered with [Ash’s] Pikachu because he isn’t going to be confined in a pokeball. And oh, you have to see his smile when he answered the question. HE WAS SO ADORABLE.







*whispers hoarsely* Such a cutiepatoot.



;_; CUTIEPIE ;_;


More photos of the press conference can be found at KStreetManila’s Facebook, as well as the event itself. Photos (I took of) from the event can be found here.

Thank you, MCA Music Philippines, for inviting KStreetManila (and me!) to be part of #DEANinMNL.

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