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160623 Fête de la Musique – Up Dharma Down


…that’s how much I love Up Dharma Down.

Okay, all my dramatic screaming and breakdowns aside, come and sit down as you listen ((um read)) through my rambles!

Soooo. I wasn’t a band person. Was is the keyword here because it’s changing at a very rapid pace. So, obviously, I wasn’t a follower of UDD. Sure, I know them because of their hits like Oo, Sana, and Tadhana. But my formal introduction (naks) to UDD was through their album, Capacities (Spotify link here). Capacities has… a chill sound, yet it’s also chilly enough especially when Armi, the singer, belts out. “It hits right in all the feels,” as they say. (And by ‘they’, I actually mean me, lol!) Out of all the songs, Indak is my favorite. But really, any song in the album sounds beautiful to my ears. ;A;


(Korean band Nell; photo from

Around the time I got into UDD was also the time I got into Nell (link is to their full concert, Nells’ Room 2013, officially uploaded on Youtube; you’re welcome). (Low-key links this too in case you want to cry. Trigger warning: suicide.) They both have this kinda eerie yet peaceful sound partnered with deep, sad lyrics. Armi and Jongwan possess similar, uh, techniques if you want to call it that? Like, they have this soft voice that can eventually rise to a really hard and strong tone…? Omg I don’t want to sound like a music critique/expert or whatever because I’m definitely not one. This is just my ~observation~ eheh.

Anyway, I just really like both bands so much. ;A; (Collab someday pls, I beg, so the sounds of me crying will multiply tenfold and I will shed actual tears, thanks.)

Up Dharma Down and Nell are very different but they’re also pretty similar too. They just have a lot of the sads that I really, really like. Maybe that’s why I got into them and never let go. (PS. Nell already moved out from Woollim Entertainment as of March 2016. They have their own indie record label now, Space Bohemian. I guess I can call them indie again? Hurhur)

Random but I also have a massive crush on Armi. So. Yes. I love you, Armi! 🙁 🙁 🙁














Others I took photos of in Fête de la Musique, Intramuros:

Jensen and the Flips ∞ Yolanda Moon ∞ Giniling Festival ∞ Up Dharma Down

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