A Declaration (of Love!)

Early this year in May, I registered to be part of 5th Generation Inspirits, but I still didn’t want to say that I was ~a real Inspirit~. I just felt… that it wasn’t the right time. (Mehganun?!) Funny, because of all the misadventures I’d gone through for them for the past–what, five years?–you’d think I would have already admitted this a long time ago, and yet there I was, still in denial, even after pressing checkout and purchasing the Inspirit bundle!

However, everything changed after I made a promise with Kim that after Infinite Effect in Manila, I will announce that I am indeed an Inspirit. It’s only fitting because that night was magical. *_* Well, what better way to declare it now than to also show you guys what’s inside the 5th Gen Inspirit bundle? πŸ˜‰ (By the way, I will have a blog post of IE in Manila soon! In the meantime, go check out Dana’s post from her blog, Conquering Space. She photographs beautifully with her Fujifilm mirrorless.)

So yes, let it be known that I am indeed an Inspirit! β™₯

On a side-note, I thought I would be getting a yeobong lightstick because Woollim had been consistent in including a lightstick in their bundles. Correction! They included yeobong in the fourth bundle, not in the third. Not sure about the first and second. (Thanks Moona!) Welp, I didn’t get lucky this time around. πŸ™


Everything came in a DHL box. If I remember correctly, the 5th Gen Inspirit bundle was around 1680 PHP, inclusive of shipping to Manila. Unfortunately, I had to pay 1000-ish more PHP upon delivery because of customs tax. πŸ™




Fortunately, my package arrived safely and without damage. πŸ˜€ It took a while before Woollim started shipping out things, but it’s alright because the quality remains superb. They have been consistent with their goods.


Inside the white box are postcards, sticker sets, and a small photo card album. The one on the upper right is the Inspirit ID, which was initially attached to the black plastic. It’s pretty unusable outside of Korea but it’s still a good (?) reminder to myself how far I am in this whole Infinite thing already.



It’s quite solid. The iridescent text was a nice finishing touch too.


Other than that, they also included a canvas tote bag and a canvas pouch.



What I love about this is that they paid attention to the details too. πŸ˜€



Small details mean the world to me. It makes me feel that the person who conceptualized/designed the set didn’t skimp on things. β™₯

So there you have it, the contents of the 5th Gen Inspirit bundle. Sometimes I wonder what happened along the way that made me drift back to being their fan. (I sort of stopped in 2012 to 2013–until OGS happened.) They just have that pull! And I guess their song Come Back Again helped–a lot. πŸ˜›

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