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151107 Infinite 2nd World Tour – Infinite Effect in Manila (2/2)

This is part two of my Infinite Effect in Manila posts. If you haven’t seen it yet, I posted the first part last night. 😀 This post will include their solo and unit stages, among others!

First up was Woohyun with Everyday. I can still remember Tash telling us that the solo/unit stages were up next. I was completely unprepared!





That night was the first time I’d heard his new song because I told myself I wouldn’t listen to it until they’d come to Manila. As expected, he was amazing. /cries! Need I say more?



Now Infinite-H, Dongwoo and Hoya. Where do I even begin with them! It was wild, guys. The amount of energy from both of them! *_* They sang 예뻐 and 바빠서 Sorry. Hoya, oh Hoya dear, he will never ever stay still in his seat. He ran around and performed as much as his feet would allow him. Please take care, Hoya!






…o…kay…. /nosebleeds


Dongwoo had a small scar on his left arm. You take care too, Dongwoo! ;_;

When Infinite arrived in Manila the day before, Dongwoo was so tired and sleepy because he had to perform for In the Heights musical the night before their arrival. Seems like he was able to recover his lost energy because he was so hyper during the concert! 😀










I had the most shots for Infinite-H’s stage because they were at the second stage for most of the time! Love them so much!

Up next was Sunggyu. He sang Kontrol. BUT HOW TO KONTROL THE FEELINGS.


I only had one photo for him because he stayed at the main stage. I half-expected to bawl my eyes out, but I didn’t, surprisingly. I was too busy singing along, I guess, haha!

After Sunggyu was Infinite-F! I don’t have much photos of them either, sadly! Myungsoo kept moving around. He seriously can’t stand still. (Dongwoo’s influence? Hehe!)


Sungyeol though. LEE SUNGYEOL YOU GUYS.

He was so so SO handsome that night. His hair, his face, HIS EVERYTHING. I couldn’t stop staring at him, he looked so unreal and beautiful. I was like, “ARE YOU REALLY LEE SUNGYEOL?!”


That was until he grinned cheekily and held up the Tigger plushie, then threw it at Jungryeol at the control booth. I realized that, yep, that’s Sungyeol alright. 😛

After all the solo/unit stages, they all came back together as seven. ♥




Julia was Woohyun’s time to flirt around. I’m just glad he’s back to being flirty and cutesy. Bad promotions was quite a dark era for me, lol. Pretty sure it was too for him. ;-;


Err, here’s Sunggyu side-eyeing Dongwoo for dancing around randomly…


…then brushing it off after. 😛


Woogyu was on full blast. They were super adorable together, aww!




Finally, decent shots of Myungsoo!



He’s soooooooooo adorable! ♥


Sungyeol got that pre-debut photo of Dongwoo from the VIP3 crowd. Gotta love how they’re such sports!



Dongwoo with a lion plushie. Cutiepatoot! ♥





I never noticed where the time went. I didn’t feel that two hours had passed by. They were saying their goodbyes! ;__;




But they, of course, had to do an encore. *_* Never getting tired of 다시 돌아와 everrrrr.



Last commentary. Sunggyu and Sungyeol have been extremely close this world tour. ♥ It’s mostly Sunggyu clinging to Sungyeol. So cute.

Dongwoo didn’t cry this time. 😛 But he kept on saying how much he loved the crowd that night. Aww, Dongwoo, sweetie! ♥




Nam-goon! I swear, we will see each other again. ;-;



You too Hoya. The next time I see you, your legs have to be better already! I don’t want to watch you again restraining yourself from dancing. 🙁

Also, a moment of silence for the beautiful flower confetti. So dainty!


Woohyun and Hoya hearts. ♥ Myungsoo being extra cute. Sunggyu throwing kisses at everyone–STOP HIM. T_T


That’s the end of my recap of Infinite Effect in Manila. ;_; It’s really over now…

At the time of writing this, it’s been more than a week since it all happened. Surreal, haha! Grabe, I already miss them a lot. They’re the only group who I will chase after just because their concerts are so well-produced. Thanks Woollim for investing on them. The live band was a good idea. IT ALWAYS WILL BE. *_*

I love Infinite. I’ve always had and I always will, because with them, meron poreber. Hahaha, just kidding! (Sort of.) I… adore them for a lot of reasons. I could talk about them all day, my hipster idol group. ♥

Infinite Effect in Manila wouldn’t be this fun for me if it wasn’t for everyone who I was with–Dana, Kim, Kuya Jom, Tash, and Clara. Thanks to Pulp Live World for bringing them here!


One last hirit: baby bear Department Head Jungryeol! Mehehe. 😛

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