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151107 Infinite 2nd World Tour – Infinite Effect in Manila (1/2)



*inhales deeply*

Infinite Effect finally happened in Manila, thanks to Pulp Live World. How was it? *laughs nervously* I’m not the best person to ask for an objective view because, obviously, I love Infinite. A lot. It’s almost ridiculous how much I love them. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure people were impressed with them because, like their past concerts, they did everything live–live band, vocals, dancing, commentaries, etc.

(On a personal (side) note, I just went back and forth typing and deleting words and sentences for ten minutes straight. I’m staring at the screen right now at a loss for words because, really, how can I even encapsulate all my love and adoration for them in the past five years in a couple of concert posts? 🙁 I will still try, though, and express all my feelings for them rightfully and hopefully they translate well through the Internet!)

It’s been two years since they visited Manila for their first world tour, One Great Step. Two long years of waiting and finally they’d come back! I can still remember the night when Pulp (Mr. Vernon Go to be specific) hinted on bringing in Infinite to Manila–I was baking cookies with my sister in the kitchen and had a mental breakdown, haha. Ecstatic was an understatement!

Somewhere along the wait for November 7th, Kuya Jom, Dana, Kim, and I went to Maginhawa to create our little signboards for the concert–which I didn’t use much but more on that later. :p


Fast forward to the concert day, I met up with Tash who came to Manila from Singapore to watch Infinite. I was supposed to go to Singapore too, actually, but I had to hold myself back because just when I was checking flights, Mom had already booked flights for Osaka this coming March. Osaka, guys, how can I say no to that?! Haha! So, there, I stuck with just Manila this time. 😛

The queue for VIP3 was somewhat magulo/confusing. I was half-expecting the queue to be in sequence with the ticket number; alas, it never happened. It was on a first come, first served basis. Sadness! To be honest, I didn’t mind it that much but my only beef with the queuing was when out of all the staff, I could see only one or two actually doing their job. >_<; I didn’t want to step up but someone who was supposed to fix our queue was seemingly confused herself, so I had to do it and ask people behind us to move a little.

Anyway, all went well because we got in. All of us in the group were near the control booth barricade. One of Woollim’s head and former manager for Infinite, Jungryeol, was there throughout the concert (started from the bottom, now we here!). Manager Seonho also showed up momentarily when he fixed the video camera behind us. (To which I wonder will they even use the footage there because we kept on blocking it… haha sorry… 🙁 )

You can find the setlist from Kpop Con PH’s Facebook here.



Their theme for this concert was still kind of like a dystopia? But it wasn’t like in One Great Step when they had this no music no life thing going on. Storyline? None that was blatantly shown for Infinite Effect. They just had this very aesthetically-pleasing, visually-appealing dystopia-like theme. There were tons of symbolisms though! And maybe they were communicating with me but I was too busy ogling the boys, haha!






This part. Oh my goodness, I’ve come to this part, hahaha! *coughs* If I remember correctly, it was during Paradise when this happened: a Korean bouncer saw me using a 70-200mm (with my Woohyun signboard) and he was dead serious on sending me out. It was frightening and honestly the biggest HOLY SH** moment of my life! As Dana so eloquently put it, that moment when I got caught was consisted of me shaking my head vigorously and sending puppy dog eyes at him. I even tried running away! Only to be caught again because, heck, there weren’t a lot of people in VIP3 anyway. *embarrassed laughter* I was pretty darn terrified he’d grab me and pull me out of the concert. Fortunately, he didn’t; he just called MoA Arena’s security. (Now that I think about it… maybe it would be kind of ok too if he had to bring me out physically… because… he was… hot. /dies of embarrassment)

Anyway, on the way out I chucked my memory card in my pocket because I’d read before that some fansites had to surrender their cards to security. It was kind of a ??? move on my part because they’ll obviously look for it too, I mean??? Where would you store those photos in the first place? LOL! Hey, it was a fight or flight moment for me. It didn’t matter though because all I had to do was to deposit the lens to MoA Arena’s security. They didn’t look for the memory card so… yeah. The photos up there were proof of my usage of a 70-200mm.

When I got back, they’d already finished Paradise and Be Mine. 🙁 My Woohyun signboard was still with me but I didn’t have time to attach it anymore to my lens, so wah, I just carried it around in my hand. Tash, Kuya Jom, Dana, Kim, and Clara were all worried that I got kicked out. They all gave me side-hugs when I got back in. ♥ In addition to that, other fansites in VIP3 were all sympathetic. Some of them patted me on the back and had these “it’s alright” expressions. I JUST! Huhu, shoutout to all of them–they were all so nice to me! ♥

Now that I didn’t have the lens anymore, what’s a girl to do? Well, in the middle of their commentaries I had to rummage through my bag for my 50mm and had to re-insert my memory card in my camera. There was absolutely no way I’d stop documenting Infinite. I was back in the game, albeit with a teeny-tiny lens. Oh, She’s Back indeed! 😛

The following photos were taken with a 50mm. It was a challenge, of course, but none I wasn’t willing to face.

PS. Shoutout to Hoya’s boom panis boom boom panis panis commentary. Haha!





Hoya isn’t seen much in the photos above because he still has his injury. He had to sit down most of the time. 🙁 I’m sure he’s dying to perform fully!


I love this shot, hehe, Woogyu havey sa drama.







Woohyun pretending to hold someone, huhu. Cue my screams here!


Sungjong wasn’t feeling that well that night–to the extent that he could have fainted. But he persevered! You can’t deny that he’s very professional for still standing on stage, smiling and interacting with fans! Thank you so much Jjong! ♥



Currently my phone’s wallpaper.




See how he’s still smiling? Sungjong is simply the best!






*flops around like a fish*


I think it’s pretty obvious by now how much I adore Woohyun. He’s so cute and flirty and emotional, lol. ;_;♥ The photo above was during Love Letter! I have a feeling Filipinos love the song because it can sound like an OPM; plus, its acoustic version sounds straight from an ASAP Sessionistas‘ stage. *_* It’s a miracle I was able to take decent photos of Infinite because ALL THE PHONES AND CAMERAS THAT TIME. No biggie; I was able to adjust!

That’s all for now. Next up will be the solo/unit stages (!!!) as well as their other stages (ahem Woogyu flirting during Julia)!


Go to the second part of Infinite Effect Manila here.

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