150501 Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu at Woollim Building

Last April 28 to May 2, I went to Korea with my sisters + sis’ fiancé. I will upload photos of where we went next time–a few places we went to are the dog cafe in Hapjeong, the cat cafe in Myeongdong, Everland, among others! For now, let me just share my account of going to a pilgrimage Woollim’s new place and NIT Cafe.

As if the title isn’t obvious yet, yes, I saw Sunggyu at Woollim. How? Pure and absolute sheer luck.

I went alone to NIT/Woollim, following directions from Jannatul Hazirah. She made a really helpful and detailed post on how to get there. 😀 From Mapo-gu Office station (Line 6), you have to walk around 15-20 minutes to reach Woollim/NIT.


I don’t know if it was just me, but when I was near Woollim/NIT and when I looked at the directions again, I was really confused because I was almost sure I made a wrong turn–because I didn’t see any fans; on top of that, it was a residential area, meaning there were small houses and condominiums around me. So I was like “???” but when I finally saw the new Woollim building, I was even more confused. I looked around me and thought to myself, “HERE??? THIS??? THIS IS WHERE WOOLLIM IS???”


Yes, Elaine, that small street/residential area is where Woollim and NIT Cafe are located. (Btw, they’re right in front of each other–can’t miss them!) As in families were out strolling around for fresh air, and there was even a toddler in a toy car who passed by, his mom and dad tailing behind. Odd place to set up an entertainment company office/building but hey, whatever floats CEO Jungyeop’s boat.

So okay, I went to NIT Cafe and hung around for 20-ish minutes. I was just sitting near the windows, where some fans were already seated there facing Woollim building. I was minding my own business (leeching from their Wifi heheh) and jamming to their hitback playlist, hahaha. I expected them to play Infinite, Lovelyz, Tasty, heck or even Nell, but… it was an oldies American pop playlist (songs like Shania Twain’s From This Moment, Bryan Adams’ (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, Stevie Wonders’ Signed, Sealed, Delivered… #videokehits tbh).

There were girls seated beside me, facing the window to Woollim. They had their laptops and phones out as if they were ready to record should anything sudden happen (aka if anyone comes out the building). After around 20 minutes, I heard the girls suddenly chattering and when I looked outside, a black car arrived. But… the black car isn’t the turning point of this fan account! BECAUSE!!! It’s irrelevant but back then I thought it was! Anyway, someone in a black snapback and black shirt came out of Woollim and walked by. The girls went after him (albeit calmly–or any semblance of it lol, they weren’t hysterical, that’s for sure). At this point I was thinking, “omg was that Sunggyu???” but I wasn’t sure.

Well, that was until he came back and went in Woollim…! When I looked up, he was just at the balcony.


All this time, when the girls had their phones out, they were actually already recording. All this time, Sunggyu was at the balcony and I was completely unaware. Oops.

So how did I take photos of him? I know–it looks ~super creepy and stalker-ish~ buuuut! Let me explain! Before taking any photos, I seriously had an ethical/moral dilemma right then and there, and I really weighed in whether I would be crossing any lines if I took photos of Sunggyu outside of official schedules. I swear my friends know how much I agonized over it. So, how did I do it? I did the next best thing: I asked the barista if I could take photos. I probably looked dumb because when I asked him, he had this is-she-even-serious expression. He answered, “yep, sure!” But I was still hesitant so I looked him in the eye, and I was like, “ARE YOU SURE?” And… he just repeated his answer. ^^;

I remember whispering to myself, “walang sisihan ha, kuya!”


When I was about to take out my dSLR, I looked around me and I thought to myself, “ok, here goes nothing.” In the middle of taking photos, Sunggyu stood up. He saw me and my mind literally went, “WOW NO NOPE GOODBYE OK I’M SORRY JUST YES OK I’M LEAVING” and I… hid my camera behind me. #facepalmmoment

But then he just smiled and waved at me with two hands and I was ??? ????? ?????????? wait



I was too dumbstruck that I wasn’t quick enough to take a photo of it. ;_;


That… pretty much wraps up my adventure at Woollim/NIT Cafe. I have a souvenir photo of me + the ~New and Very Much Improved Woollim Building~ but I looked ehh. Haha, so yeah, the one I posted above will suffice.

Also, I decided there that quitting Infinite is impossible. I’m so deep into them that it’s hilarious how the universe always does things to make me fall even deeper. T_T

PS. Later that night, when other accounts came up on Twitter, I found out that Sunggyu was with Digitaku (aka composer J.Yoon–the one in the red shirt in the photos!) and, guess what, Woollim’s CEO Lee Jungyeop (ok he was wearing a red shirt too BUT ANYWAY). I guess I was too ~captivated~ by Sunggyu that I didn’t notice either of them.

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