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150412 Best of Best K-pop Concert Philippines – Red Velvet

Yes, I am still alive after being buried with so much work in the past three months–and I still have a bunch of grad school things to finish. Nevertheless, I’m still well and I hope everyone is too!

Anyway, on with the post. I’ll go ahead and confess to everyone first: I almost didn’t go to BoB. Honestly, I didn’t even have any plans to go even if BTOB would be there, since 1) I had allotted funds for the Korea trip in late April and 2) I’d spent a lot for Epik High royalty pass already. (More on Epik High later because omg they are just the best e v e r.) However, literally the day before the concert, thanks to a benefactor (cough Kuya Dan cough), I received good news that he had extra tickets so, there, I was able to watch–with a VIP ticket no less! Thank you for remembering me, Kuya Dan. :)) And special thanks to Korina for putting up with my pushing and pulling whenever BTOB did something.

The concert seemed successful since there were a lot of attendees. (This is despite the venue to be all the way in Bulacan!) The only downside was when we were leaving the area. There were too many vehicles and there was only one exit (I think?) in going back to Manila. 🙁 So we spent roughly 1.5 to 2 hours just leaving the area, meep.

Okay, rewind! Starting with the concert, Red Velvet were the first ones up. I hardly know anything about these girls, unfortunately. I do know the members’ names–in no particular order, Joy, Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, and Yeri. They were adorable, though, and I guess kind of overwhelmed with the crowd’s reception!

(PS. The concert’s emcee was Sam Oh. ♥)













Next set of performers: BTOB! My loves hehe

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