140906 B1A4 Road Trip: LIGHTS, CAMERA, SMILE!

K-pop concert-goers, let’s face it: before we enter the arenas or halls, we look around and just can’t help but notice other fans’ outfits, yes?

I have a huge dorky love for fashion and so does my friend Clara. We’re both involved with K-pop and its fandom too! The idea came and the result: why not start The Sartorialist-esque posts about K-pop concert fashion? That’s why this post will be in collaboration with Clara. I take the photos and she does the writing. B1A4′s Road Trip just so happens to be the launch of our project, hehe.

Let’s begin!

Besides preparing all those banners and fan projects for your faves to notice you, one of everyone’s favorite parts of concert preparation is dressing up for them. Due to the growing number of concert fashionistas, we take photos of some of our favorite looks.


Come as a group and wear a unique hair accessory that sets your group apart from everyone else. This way, it’s easier to find each other in case one of you goes missing.


Say it with your hair. Keep the rest of your outfit plain and let your uniquely colored tresses stand out from a sea of black/brown heads.


Animal prints are always a fashionable statement. Make a leopard-print dress do the talking by keeping the rest of your outfit in one neutral color.


For the fanboys, channel an off-duty KPop idol with a plain jacket, printed T-shirt, jeans, high-cut shoes, a cap, and an MCM backpack.


If you can cosplay your idol, you might as well go all out (especially if you’re close enough for the idols to actually see/interact with). We can bet that the real Baro approves of his mini-me Jordan Abrenica (@BabyBaroPH on Twitter).

Is there anyone else we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself here next concert. ^^;;

PS: If you can link this to any of these people, we’d highly appreciate it.

PPS: All these were taken with the subjects’ permission.

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