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140815 Infinite 그해여름2/That Summer Concert 2 (fan account of some sort)

Very important: this is not a photo-dump post! Don’t expect concert photos, if any at all. Also, this will be a word-vomit post so expect it to be very long and wordy. u_u

ALRIGHT. So. We’ve cleared everything up!

Wait, maybe… not everything… yet.


Infinite That Summer Concert 2 fan account? As in 그해여름2?

Yeah. YEAH. (Un)fortunately, you read that right. Now you might be wondering:

“Wasn’t the concert only in Korea?”

Yes. August 7 to 10 and August 14 to 16!


UM, YES? Yes, I actually freaking did. I decided on it on July 18th, a week after concert tickets were sold out on Interpark.

“If tickets were sold out then, how…?”

Well, you’ll find out in this post! Just–please don’t judge, LOL.

Let’s start from the top! It was July 18th when I decided that hey, I will fly to Korea for the concert. Why? Because it’s a concert that will only be held in Korea. Plus, OGS and their other concert DVDs made me think Woollim would really spend to give amazing shows, so why not? I booked tickets and applied for my Visa before I had the chance to back out (not that I actually would HAHA). I didn’t spend my time alone though! I’m really happy I was with Nina (who was already there for grad studies).

Fast-forward to August 14th, I flew to Korea in the wee hours of the morning. I arrived at Incheon at noon and it all felt surreal. I arrived at Hongdae and it still felt so weird that I pretty much flew to Korea just for an Infinite concert. OTL

Thus also began the #inspirit adventure, haha!


Since Nina and I haven’t had lunch yet, we went to Sungyeol’s BBQ Chicken restaurant at Hongdae area. The hostel we stayed at was already there anyway. (The funny part here is that when I booked the hostel, I didn’t even know the restaurant was in the area until Nina pointed it out.) We were just, you know, DOING #INSPIRIT THINGS. Even with Daum Maps, we were still surprised when we arrived there. Like, Nina and I were casually walking on the streets of Hongdae, discussing our plans, then suddenly she was like “hold up girl, we’re here!”

When we walked in, the first person who greeted us was at the cashier. GUYS. GUYS, OH MY GOD IT WAS SUNGYEOL’S MOTHER, I COULDN’T EVEN!!! Sungyeol’s a spitting image of his mom. It’s insane how similar they look. One time when she was behind the display chiller, I could only see her eyes and for a split-second thought it was actually Sungyeol. T__T Anyway, you guys would be happy to know how nice she was though! She takes care of all the guests and she always has a pleasant smile on her face. Sadly, we weren’t able to take a picture with her since she said a lot of customers were there, so. 🙁 Which is alright and understandable!

Another fast-forward! Same day, August 14th, in the evening this time. 10-ish PM, we went to the venue, Samsung Square Blue Card Hall. It’s connected to the subway, Hangangjin Station, so there was no problem in finding the place. We were at the subway when we encountered LOADS of concert-goers on their way home. Well, the good thing is when we arrived at the venue itself, we had anticipated how there would be fans lining up for ticket-selling the next day.

Because we would be one of them.

Yeah. YEEEAAAH. August 14th 10PM and there we were, lining up for the August 15th concert. I flew all the way to Korea to freaking line up overnight for a chance concert ticket. If I could only scream and set #YOLO as all caps font size 1000000000 on my forehead, trust me, I would.

But you know what’s intense? How there were already fans already lining up for the August 16th (last day) concert. Up to this day, I’m still unsure when they even started queuing for it. A group had even pitched a tent. A FREAKING TENT.

Okay, so we basically camped that night. We brought a large picnic mat and food. We were already settled in the line and watching Bride for Rent (haha hush it’s a nice feel-good movie) when one staff lady came to us. She had this paper with her that had stubs. It was a registry of some sort to monitor those who were queuing. We had to write a pin number to ensure that the number that was with her was the same as the one written on the stub we were holding. So we had these little babies:


Nina was number 44 and I was 45. Yes, it means what it meant to say–that there were 43 other fans who were already in front of us waiting overnight for chance tickets. #inspirit #truefan LOL

We ended up sleeping overnight in front of the ticket booth. I’m still ??? that I did it for a concert abroad I mean how? WHY? (The answer? #inspirit HAHAHA) Despite waking up in intervals and shivering in the dead of the night (it was really cold okay like Baguio-levels of cold even if it was summer in Korea), I woke up at 7am and Nina told me the staff lady checked the ticket registry stubs.

On a side-note, I sure hope she got compensated for her work though omg it’s no joke because before we went to sleep the night before, we had seen her sleeping on the bench across us. “Hazard pay!” Nina whispered fiercely. :))


We decided prior to the sleepover (I’M ACTUALLY CALLING IT A SLEEPOVER LOL) that we would take “shifts” in the morning, like someone will go back first to the hostel to take a bath and stuff because I cannot stand a day without showering! I was the first to go back. We spent roughly two hours each because even though it’s just at Hongdae, it still took some time as we had to walk from Hapjeong station to the hostel. So by the end of our shifts, at 12 noon, we were all set for the concert! Sort of! Because! We still didn’t have tickets!

Alright, a commercial break. Prior to this trip, I’d asked around for advice on what to do because I would be camping out for concert tickets. This is just to give you an idea on what to expect (compiled accounts of friends + my own experiences): some advice to those who are crazy enough to fly to Korea for a concert and risk things like we did! First of all, be mentally and physically prepared. Be prepared to sleep outside because you definitely will do it. If you have worries on hygiene (don’t worry because it’s not being maarte/princess-y, it’s being, well, hygienic!), what we did is that we took a bath in the hostel before we went to the venue, make-up-less and in our PJs. Tiis-ganda be damned, comfort is where it’s at because you’ll be sleeping anyway. Second, because you will be sleeping outside, bring a thick picnic mat and a blanket. It was freezing in the dead of the night when everyone was sleeping and I only had my thin scarf for both of us, haha. Third, bring food (though I didn’t eat because ~nervous~ haha). Fourth, toilet woes? HOLD IT IN. Or at least go to the subway toilet before it closes.

Now, should you have a companion with you? I’d actually say yes because it made my life a lot easier and more fun/enjoyable (#inspirit Nina!!! haha) but not needed. A Korean girl behind us went alone and she seemed like she didn’t encounter problems at all. She did ask us to save her place, though, when she had to go elsewhere.


BACK TO REGULAR PROGRAMMING: waiting for the ticket booth to open! I went ahead and bought concert merchandise for myself, a thin white ~summer~ hoodie. Actually when I went up, the only things left were the sticker set and the hoodie. Of course I went for the hoodie. More waiting, more staring off into space.

I think it was around 1 or 2 PM when I went to the washroom in the cafe upstairs (it was already open). When I went out, a few meters away, I saw like this swarm of fans underneath an overpass. Like, the Divisoria kind of swarm. CROWDED DIVISORIA kind of swarm. I swear. I don’t have a picture of it and I am regretting it but anyway, it really looked like an overly crowded bangketa (“market” would probably be the English equivalent, but I felt that bangketa sounds more appropriate lol hanging goods on the fences, how reminiscent of the overpasses here). I was like KOREAN FAN CULTURE THIS IS INTENSE. Fan culture shock, lol! But again, it’s just the #inspirit thing!!! (Actually no, it’s literally the Korean idol fan culture, it’s just so alien to me but it’s, well, it’s their thing so who am I to judge?)

Being the curious cats we were, we (in shifts!) checked out the commotion under the overpass and apparently it was people selling/distributing fangoods and fans lining up for them. I asked around and holy moly, much to my surprise the sellers (fans, really) could actually understand English. I thought there would be some awkward struggling and poking other people to interpret but no, they could literally converse in English. It’s a pleasant surprise! As for distribution of free fangoods, they would only give out if you already had the ticket for the concert day, but yeah, I was ticket-less then. 🙁

Okay, now the ticket booth opened and thus began our nervous cussing and never-ending wailing in line. We were pretty much wrecked as we waited for our turn.




God bless staff lady, the world, Interpark, Infinite (no actually I still hate them for making me do this haha jk ;_;), and Woollim. We got the tickets for the same price, 99,000 KRW, but my goodness the feels, the stress, THE SUDDEN FLYING TO KOREA, and the overnight/sleepover, GIRL, I CAN’T EXPLAIN WHAT I FEEL. [cue EXO’s What is Love BGM]

By the way, I don’t know where to insert this but, uh, here it is anyway. Blue Square Samsung Hall had lockers where people could store their items in–FOR FREE! Yes, you heard me, that service was for free. For us, we placed our overnight stuffs there, but for others I could see they stored their flat shoes since they used platform heels for the concert. Anyway, having lockers is a pretty good idea! Tbh if they did that here, even if you would have to pay like 50-100 PHP (or maybe a maximum of 200 PHP), people will probably still spend for it. Take note SMART Araneta Coliseum and SM MoA Arena! :))


Now, queuing… again. LOL.


We were designated at Standing 2 (pretty much their version of SVIP YES WE WERE IN THE FRONT AREA) and even if it’s the mosh, we had assigned numbers, 725 and 726. We had to wait again (so much waiting haha #hugot) before and during falling in line according to our area and number. It’s really organized like I cannot even express how orderly it was because we had to line up according to number. I’m serious! It was like we were back in elementary school when we had to line up according to class number. We had to ask what number the person was so we would know if we had to move to the back or move forward. When we were going in, there was no pushing or shoving; people were just walking albeit slowly. School feels!

Okay, the theater, omg haha, it’s in the basement. Not even kidding, it’s literally in the basement because we had to go down several flights of stairs to reach the theater. Nina and I kept joking, “Sir, gaano ka-close?/Sir, how close?” #miggylaida5ever

When we reached the theater… it was really close. Woollim was not kidding when they said it’s an intimate venue. ;_; I didn’t bother squeezing my way to the front because it was pretty crowded already and I didn’t want to lose an arm and a leg in the process, so I stayed at the back of Standing 2. If I could compare the distance from my place to the stage, it would be similar to how I was in OGS Manila–moshpit, right side, probably 3-5 meters away from the stage? Come to think of it, typing this down, the view/distance is a lot like my OGS experience because I was at the right side too, haha!

The audience was very responsive (and obedient? lol) too. People would do fan chants, would stop talking/screaming to listen, would sing along, and would answer the boys when appropriate. Overall, I feel like the small venue did reinforce the whole intimacy thing going on. Four for you, Woollim, you go Woollim!


OKAY. NOW. How about the concert itself? It took me more than 2000 words to reach the real concert fan account, LOL.

AUGH, WHERE DO I BEGIN HOLD UP. When we stepped in the theater, they had been playing Infinite MVs. I think the first one we watched was Infinite H’s Special Girl. Or Sunggyu’s 60 Seconds. I don’t know which one was first but I remember the indignant screams for both whenever there’s a physical contact with the MV’s female lead, haha. I remember Man in Love and The Chaser, too! The last MV they played was Back then they proceeded with the intro VCR.

WAIT I NEED A PARAGRAPH FOR THE INTRO VCR. It’s an extended video of the concert’s teaser AND LITERALLY THE CUTEST. THING. EVER. The Sunggyu/Dongwoo and Hoya/Sungjong just melted my heart. Woohyun should just stop because his face isn’t allowed! ;_; Sleepy Myungsoo and macaroons!Sungyeol can just exist forever though!

Then the white curtain–that Woollim is so fond of–lifted and the boys started singing 그해여름2 on their chairs. (Just to let you know I’m trying really hard to be coherent right now, gah!) My eyes zoomed to Sungyeol on the leftmost part; I never knew his white polo, that he had worn in previous dates, had the blue letters “PH” on it. Seriously, I was meant to watch the concert. Also, I had a Philippine flag with me (I was serious about representing the motherland, haha) and god bless Woohyun because he was to the first to notice. And. A N D! GUYS. When Woohyun looks, he really REALLY LOOKS AND STARES. He smiled too. ;_; It’s–I can’t believe him, he is terrible, my feels are getting out of control because of him! ;__;

I won’t do a detailed rundown of their setlist. You can check it out here because it’s the same, except that the date I went to was Hoya’s solo stage–HOYA’S SOLO STAGE I’M STILL SCREAMING. But let’s not get ahead of myself, haha. Hoya was injured, by the way, so his dancing was incredibly limited. And ugh, I just want to cuddle him and tell him it’s okay. :’(

Ok, so everyone pretty much knows my massive appreciation for the live band that has always accompanied Infinite ever since the world began ever since their Second Invasion concert. This is no exception. To be honest, it exacerbated my Infinite x live band feels. ((I’m doomed.)) Especially the acoustic versions of Man in Love, 맡겨, Amazing, and Be Mine?! I found an audio of it and wow “140815″, would you look at that haha, it’s the concert date I went to. ;__; I can’t stop wailing!!! They did so well! GAH! They introduced the band FINALLY. I made it a point to yell on top of my lungs for them!

[EDIT] Hi, it’s me from 2015 and here’s the DVD footage of the acoustic stage. 😀

This will be a very disjointed paragraph about the commentaries and such, sorry! ;_; SO! There was a VCR where Sungjong was the designated MC where he violently crushed the members with his pillow. Nina was so mad about the question on Infinite F’s impending debut because they never answered it, LOL. And during the commentary onstage, they read fans’ messages on post-its posted on a board. Sungjong took at note and he was already laughing but when he read it out loud, it said, “Jungyeop-oppa (Woollim’s CEO), saranghae,” he literally fell to the floor laughing his butt off. That’s the first time I’d ever seen Sungjong in shambles, it was pretty entertaining to say the least, haha. Another VCR I have to mention is the “Ask L” segment again. I don’t remember how they addressed him in the first concert but in this one they called him Wochaichuri-nim. Yeah, Myungsoo will never live the wochaichuri thing down and the boys will never let him hear the end of it, LOL. Also it’s actually supposed to be wozaizheli as in 我在這裡 but #ok hahaha.

Then there’s Hoya’s stage. The intro VCR was a Street Fighter parody of Hoya and Sunggyu fighting, pixels and all, except that their facial expressions were plastered on the characters’ heads. It’s hilarious! But then it turned serious wHEN HOYA CAME OUT. ON A PIANO. HE PLAYED THE PIANO GUYS. And he performed a self-composed song. It’s just so Hoya. Like it started as a ballad then progressed to R&B and he was dancing and I was like HOYA SON, HOLD UP, STOP IT AND DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY STILL PLS but knowing Hoya you know he’d just smile awkwardly, crack a stupid pun about being alive since his heart is still beating, and proceed to dance because it’s pretty much his life. Like I’m glad he gets to dance even if it’s just a bit but I still worry for him and his injury. Someone drape him in a purple blanket please. :’(

They sprayed water during 소나기 The shower reached us a little at the back. AND OH MY GOD GUYS. GUYS. The live band for Last Romeo and Back were just heavenly, THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL. ;__;

Another commentary part AND SUNGYEOL!!! The members were like, “ayy, Sungyeol should give his commentary in English” AND HE DID! GUYS SUNGYEOL SPOKE IN ENGLISH!!! WHY IS HE NOT MY BIAS?!!! Omg it’s like they recognized the foreigners who went. /CRIES BUCKETS

Before the encore, y’all know the drill: fans chanting dashi dorawa dorawa dorawa. This went on for a full five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. I know that’s extremely short compared to freaking 17 hours of waiting but lol I didn’t have the voice anymore and I was wondering how everyone still had the energy. x__x But after that yay they came back for the encore! IN WHITE MILITARY GARB. I hate them argh always able to poke at all my weaknesses! /shakes fist

The last commentary part was Hoya apologizing how he couldn’t perform to the fullest. I wanted to smack him upside down, UGH HOYA PLS. Everyone was chanting, “괜찮아요!” and “울지마라!” And Hoya, ever the sassy and sarcastic thing, was like, “*points to second floor* Yeah, I see the signboard up there,” and “I’m not crying, though?” And while he was giving his commentary, my god, he was incredibly awkward when he had the stage to himself. He would end up laughing at himself, and of course, the ever-supportive Infinite members were there to mock him, boisterous forced laughter and all. This went on for several times and Sunggyu or Woohyun would usually start it. (Aren’t they such good older brothers? Haha!)

Ok now, the very last VCR! (Yeah the link is a fancam god bless that person’s cows for her courage to record it.) I thought it was a new song lol but when I told Kim, I was like “IT’S LIKE AN EXTENDED VERSION OF THAT SUMMER HOMG” but then she told me it’s probably the hidden track from Season 2, Hey Hello, which was it! Freaking sky lanterns, BEACH FEELS. (I love beaches so ;__;)

Interpark said the concert would last for 1 hour and 40 minutes but WOW NO GUYS it went on for roughly 2 hours and 30-40 minutes. When it was over, we were ushered out of the exit (it honestly looked like a fire exit haha). I was totally feeling the happy buzz all the way to the hostel, and even until now when I remember it. =u=


(Pic isn’t related to the concert but it’s just a rundown of how deep I already am into this black hole called Infinite. Not included are the Shara Shara Myungsoo freebies, haha. ;_; How appropriate, Infinite Black Hole! PS. Infinite I.D.E.A is Nina’s, as is the Hoya fan haha. Also is Over the Top album already extinct or something, huhubells, but it’s okay, I wanted to get either that or Paradise.)

Worth the overnight? More like worth the flying, the spending, the experience, EVERYTHING. Will I do it again? No? Yes? I don’t know. Before getting the ticket, I kept saying I would never do this again, but now that I think about it, part of me wants to re-do everything. I have regrets, I suppose, but just petty ones. Like maybe I should’ve talked to more fans, local or not, to learn more about them. Maybe I should’ve taken more photos (LOL YES I REALLY SHOULD HAVE).

Okay, I suppose flying for a concert isn’t so bad after all. I’ll do this again BUT I should have a concert ticket so I can spare myself the mental/emotional stress, HAHA. This experience is really one for the books!

PS. Random but August 15 had a lot of concerts going on because it was a public holiday (independence day!). From what I can remember, there was this Infinite concert, SMTOWN concert, YG Family concert, and Beautiful Show (BEAST concert).

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