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140202 DKFC2 (Fanmeet) Super Junior – M

The SJM fanmeeting was a tie up with Tony Moly, the brand the group is endorsing now. I was part of media so I was able to bring in a 70-200mm with no problems.


Lots of fans lined up outside the cinema (Gateway Cinema 5) as early as… morning I guess? I got there at 12:30PM to meet Clara so we could get the media passes and there was a queue already. (Also, Clara’s my partner-in-crime with these things haha remember her from OGS Press Conference?) Kuya Dan was also there on duty (oo big time na siya YEHET!). Then we got the news that the fanmeet would start much later so we ended up hanging around downstairs at the foodcourt with a bunch of friends.

Okay, fastforward to the fanmeeting! Now I said I was able to bring in my equipment, right? Well, using it was a different story because when we got inside, we were prohibited to take photos as only official photographers were allowed to shoot. Say whaaaaat? But me being me, of course, I still took ninja-shots behind the chairs and had kasabwat bouncer. Lol! I told him to look out for me and I reassured him I wouldn’t get caught by the managers. He was pretty chill about it. 😛 Actually all the bouncers were really nice to Clara and me. Nakiki-chika pa nga.


And yes I got to interact with one of the managers because he sort of scolded me about using my camera. He’s the Prince Manager I think? Gwapo eh, haha. I almost laughed at him because he looked so conflicted when he saw me with the huge lens. I’m chinita (Chinese born in the Philippines) and he seemed unsure on what language to use so he ended up stuttering, “no, uh, no pictures!” I told him I was part of media and he gave me the same answer/reaction. ^^; It’s okay bb it’s okay.


Have a Henry first before diving in. And yes Henry, we’ve become sexier! 😛 (OT: Smile naman diyan sa likod ate. Masyadong ka namang seryoso, pwede pag-usapan yan.)




So many people, yes!

Actually at the start of the fanmeet, I was sitting at the elevated area. Media people were designated to be seated below but alas my 50mm could not squeeze all the boys when I was there, hence the temporary relocation. Once I got a shot of everyone, I changed to 70-200mm and I rushed back down crouching. So glamorous.








Zhou Mi, ahh, Zhou Mi this little bouquet of sunflowers and rainbows and everything beautiful in life! I called him by his name and he did this. :”D

Now, the ushers asked us if we wanted a signed poster by Zhou Mi because they were waiting for the queue to arrive from the elevated area. Of course I was game! We !on’t get to meet idols every day so I took the chance.

(I left my poster in the office LAUGHS SORRY. :c)

I conversed with him a little bit in Mandarin (hashtag nagma!agaling lol seriously though thank Uno) and told him I’m Chinese but I lived here. (Insert Elaine awkwardly explaining this to him.) And he was like, “Oh! Well you have good pronunciation.” I laughed and thanked him but on the inside I was like, “LOL KOYA AUGH STAHP EET KINIKILIG AKO ENEBEEEEE.” :”> Then we greeted each other a happy new ye, LOLar.





I also have Eunhyuk’s signed poster (to which I gave to my officemate because she’s a die-hard Eunhyuk fan). And this is where the fun begins, lol. To show you what he did to my poster (warning for sudden low quality photo):



Okay, here’s the story. His lane ran out of fans, so again, the ushers asked us if we wanted to go to him. I was, once again, game for it so I marched forward. While he was waiting for the next person (me), he was using his black marker and at that time I didn’t know what he was doing. I greeted him with a jolly “hi!” a, LOL.d he looked up startled. Then he looked back at the poster then at me again, like he was unsure if he should put the poster aside or not. But I told him it was okay, both in English and Korean, then he was like, “oh, okay!”

Then he continued and that’s the time I saw that he was marking the boys’ eyes. Idk I’m just laughing now. And even worse, I whispered out loud (TO MYSELF MOSTLY), “loko! :-)loko talaga ito” ([this boy] is crazy) AND HE HEARD IT LMAO. He looked at me with a smile and asked, “what? :D” And I was internally like WOAH NO DAMAGE CONTROL 101 so I ended up telling him, “haha nothing, you’re great!” Then he was still smiling I just. I’m so done.

The last thing he told me was, “see you at the concert!” and I reciprocated. We shook hands. His hand is pretty dry, lol.



The fanmeet ended later than intended and I found out from the ushers that BAP was next. 😮 I wasn’t part of BAP fanmeet (#sadpanda) so, sorry, no BAP fanmeet photos. 🙁

The DKFC2 posts don’t end here. I went to the concert so yes, concert photos soon-ish!

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