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131103 Infinite 1st World Tour – One Great Step in Manila (3/4)

Phew third part! This post will contain photos from 엄마 (Mother) until Cover Girl sans She’s Back. Yes, I know right, how dare they not perform that song! Jk, but really, it wasn’t part of the setlist for some reason. (They didn’t perform Request either.)

I feel like I have a lot to say about this post so please be prepared for some word vomit.

ogs part 3 1

ogs part 3 2

Right after Sunggyu’s performance, the boys came out for their commentary. Of course, Sunggyu wasn’t with them yet, so the boys were mostly just fooling around. They started rapping randomly and–I have no idea, haha. Boys will be boys.

ogs part 3 3

Myungyeol and Myungsoo’s perky butt in white skinny jeans. Really.

ogs part 3 4

More Myungyeol! OGS in Manila was filled with blatant Myungyeol and ninja 2Woo.

ogs part 3 5

ogs part 3 6

Myungsoo being adorable and playful. :”)

ogs part 3 7

Aaaaand 2Woo’s brand of tough love.

I don’t have photos of them singing Bahay Kubo because, well, I was singing along with them. Here’s a fancam instead. 😛 Sungjong was so adorable; he was like, “Would you like to sing with us?” The resounding answer was a yes, and he replied, “Okay, here we go~!” Yes, with a tilde because IT SOUNDED LIKE THAT. It was great because everyone sang along and they had these big smiles on their faces and ahhhhh, so cute. 😀 Woohyun had to introduce to us the song in the end. We already know, Nam, but thanks for the info, lol!

Just a warning: it gets preeeeetty emotional from here.

ogs part 3 8

ogs part 3 9

ogs part 3 10

ogs part 3 11

Hoya told the crowd to settle down and take a moment to remember loved ones. I was thinking it was the alleged MYMP special stage (well, I’d thought of it prior to Myungsoo’s stage; Nina and I were devastated when MYMP never showed up

But then the piano chords 엄마 (Mother) began. I already knew that I would cry but not to… that extent? Haha, it was horrible, man. THE SLIDESHOW ON THE SCREEN DID NOT HELP AT ALL. Throwback photos of baby Infinite with their respective mothers? How could I not have rapid flashbacks of my own mom? I love my mom; she’s the strongest, most amazing woman I’ve ever known in my life.

I was trying so hard to hold back the tears but when Slideshow of Baby Infinite with Mama happened, I lost all composure and broke down in tears. I know the crowd’s screaming drowned out all my gross sobbing but Nina was able to hear me and she asked me if I was okay. I just laughed at how ridiculous I was over a song I could even barely understand, so I reassured her I was fine, lol! To this day, I can’t watch fancams of the performance because I’m still emotional over it. ;;

ogs part 3 12

ogs part 3 13

ogs part 3 14

This is one of my favorite shots from the concert. ♥ Thank you, Ate, for your hands, hihi.

ogs part 3 15

ogs part 3 16

ogs part 3 17

I don’t remember much from 그리움이 닿는 곳에 (Still I Miss You) since I was still having my moment? HURR.

ogs part 3 18

I finally recovered and I was back to regular programming. Next was Nothing’s Over. Please be ready for a barrage of incredibly bright and smiley Sunggyu.

ogs part 3 19

ogs part 3 20

ogs part 3 21

ogs part 3 22

ogs part 3 23

What did I tell you? He was sooooo feeling it!

ogs part 3 24

ogs part 3 25

ogs part 3 26

ogs part 3 27

Dongwoo too! But we already know how high his level of appreciation is. 😛

ogs part 3 28

Kitty Myungsoo!

ogs part 3 29

ogs part 3 30

Next up was 맡겨 (Entrust) and Cover Girl. Here we go with their fanservice!

ogs part 3 31


ogs part 3 32

ogs part 3 33

ogs part 3 34

ogs part 3 35

ogs part 3 36

ogs part 3 37

Sungjong looked so happy when he took the polaroid!

ogs part 3 38

Infinite knows their fanservice and they’re good at it!

ogs part 3 39

As you can see, he’s pretty near us in the moshpit. He was just so happy! HE’S TERRIBLE?! I didn’t have eye contact with him BUT WHO CARES, HE WAS SO HAPPY.

ogs part 3 40

ogs part 3 41

Spot yourself here!

ogs part 3 42

And here. You guys are sooooo lucky. Nakarami kayo ha!

ogs part 3 43

ogs part 3 44

ogs part 3 45

[laborious breathing again]

Alright. I only have a memory of what happened when Woohyun was in front of me.

As you can see, Woohyun went to my side of the arena. I took this as a chance to stop taking photos so I could take a good look at him, because, well, he’s my favorite from Infinite. After he took polaroids with the group from the lower box area, he went to the moshpit’s direction and looked at us while he was prancing around. He was really close, like maybe less than a foot away. I was leaning on the barricades, examining him intently, consequently thinking to myself how legitimately handsome he was. You know how young children have these eyes that sparkle with wonder as they look at you? I felt like that (significantly less cuter though).

Then he looked at me. And smiled. (I am not imagining this ok!!!)

Let’s be real; the appropriate reaction is to flail and break down and maybe I would have done both, lol, but at that time, I was still thinking straight even though I was so struck with awe. So I simply smiled back at him as he continued to prance around. Then he was still smiling. AT ME.

Oh and recently, I just discovered this video when Danny (c/o a fan) asked Infinite what fans should do to be noticed. (It’s at the 15:19 mark.) If you don’t want to watch the video I’ll write their answers anyway, lol! Sungyeol said he notices fans who wear strange clothes. Woohyun’s answer? Let me quote him:

“For me, it’s the right gaze. Even though if there’s a crowd, I can still spot them. They just have that stare and I’m hooked.”


(Truthfully, I have to admit that it’s a haba ng hair moment. Heh…)

ogs part 3 46

Woohyun took the photo from her! He handed it back after the others had playfully punched it, lol. Still, you go girl!

ogs part 3 47

I love it when Myungsoo’s face is contorted like this. He legit looks like he’s having a grand time laughing and having fun. Ooooor maybe it’s because we hardly see his face like this since he’s usually so “composed,” haha.

ogs part 3 48

More 2Woo!

ogs part 3 49

ogs part 3 50

Whoever gave him that dolphin hat gets my love. SHOW YOURSELF HERE.

ogs part 3 51

And we have more 2Woo. You see, OGS in Manila really brought out the 2Woo, it’s awesome.

Up next will be the last (finally!) post of this OGS series. Photos will be from 내꺼하자 (Be Mine) until the last song With… 🙂 Hope you guys liked this despite my outburst, lol!

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