131103 Infinite 1st World Tour – One Great Step in Manila (2/4)

The images in this post will be from Sungjong and Sungyeol’s joint stage for 3분의1 (1/3) until Sunggyu’s solo 60초(60 Seconds).

ogs part 2 1

ogs part 2 2

Sungjong and Sungyeol’s stage was insane! Sungjong was the first to come out on keyboards. After playing, he yelled, “make some noise!” and the beat dropped. IT WAS INSANE. I can still remember the bass so clearly. How could I not? I literally could feel my whole body (and even organs?!) reverberating. Sensory overload in the best way ever.

ogs part 2 3

ogs part 2 4

I honestly lacked shots for this performance because I was too busy partying. No shame. I couldn’t help it! The remix just screamed party anthem. You’d think you were at a bar with all the dancing funky lights, too. Well, minus the alcohol!

ogs part 2 5

ogs part 2 6

Next was Infinite H aka Dongwoo and Hoya who performed Victorious Way and Special Girl. I didn’t pay much attention to their promotions before so I didn’t know what to expect. (You know, this line of thought actually goes to the entire OGS, haha.) I loved the energy!

ogs part 2 7

ogs part 2 8

ogs part 2 9

ogs part 2 10

ogs part 2 11

ogs part 2 12

ogs part 2 13

Such a sweetie, this Dongwoo. ♥ He seemed to genuinely enjoy and appreciate interacting with fans.

ogs part 2 14

After the two joint stages, all of Infinite came out in crisp dress shirts and blazers for the medley, 그해여름 (That Year’s Summer) and 니가좋다 (I Like You). Cue my sighs of “ooh perfect boyfriend outfit ahh” with matching dreamy smile.

ogs part 2 15

ogs part 2 16

Myungsoo kept facing towards us. More dreamy sighs from me or in others’ case, fangirl screams.

ogs part 2 17


ogs part 2 18

ogs part 2 19

Ahh, this Myungyeol moment. How could I ever forget when Nina literally shrieked in delight right next to my ear? (Peace tayo girl, ahaha, labshu!)

ogs part 2 20

ogs part 2 21

Paper planes and teddy bears! I didn’t attempt to get one because I was too busy taking photos. I didn’t want to shove/get shoved either so I didn’t take chances. Also, to those who were in this area, this is just one of my photos that has your faces in it. I have more, hehe.

ogs part 2 22

Nam and teddy bears. :’( The best combination I could ever ask for next to Nam and children. It’s why I loved Man in Love‘s MV. Hit too close to home!

ogs part 2 23

ogs part 2 24

Never say never to backlit photos. Ever had the whole “against the sun/light” problem? You’d scratch your head at perplexing results, but don’t fret! Playing with light is what makes photography fun. Just remember: photography’s etymology came from the Greek word phos, meaning light, and graphe, meaning drawing/writing. Conclusion: go and draw aka play with the light!

ogs part 2 25

ogs part 2 26

Kilig to the bone marrow! There is no literal translation to kilig. I think the closest one is ‘giddy’, except with romance peppered in its semantics. I have more shots of Sunggyu smiling like this.

ogs part 2 27

ogs part 2 28

ogs part 2 29

After the medley was Myungsoo’s solo stage, Love U Like You. Makes you want to throw that giant fluffy bear at him because it was just incredibly cheesy, lol! But what would you do if your boyfriend did this to you? What more if it was Myungsoo?

ogs part 2 30

ogs part 2 31

ogs part 2 32
Haha, just look at that face. Not sure if he’s really giddy or actually cringing on the inside, lol! Nina was so “mad” with Myungsoo’s stage. :))

ogs part 2 33

Woohyun’s stage, Beautiful, was uh beautiful? It was just as cheesy and as pa-cute as Myungsoo’s, but whatever, I still love Namu. ♥

ogs part 2 34

ogs part 2 35

ogs part 2 36

ogs part 2 37

ogs part 2 38

ogs part 2 39

ogs part 2 40

We all know how it goes, right? Woohyun “proposed” to a girl from the crowd, complete with a rose, a ring, and the Pikachu hat you see him wearing above. You can find more info when you read Kristine’s fanaccount. 🙂

ogs part 2 41

[laborious breathing]


[laborious breathing]

OKAY. Sunggyu’s solo stage, 60초 (60 Seconds). Everyone kept screaming at the beginning of his performance. Then by some miracle, the crowd gradually quieted down so everyone could hear him sing. And the lights, oh the lights, where do I even begin? A hazy mixture of purples, blues, and reds.

ogs part 2 42

ogs part 2 43

ogs part 2 44

Back then, my mind was reeling with incoherent thoughts of, “oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD D’:” so I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the performance. But looking back, rewatching numerous fancams of the same perf, it made me see just how tantalizing it was, if not also a little haunting, especially the parts when Sunggyu was only accompanied by the keyboards.

ogs part 2 45

ogs part 2 46

ogs part 2 47

ogs part 2 48

It wasn’t stagnant; it gradually built up and picked up the pace, starting at the second verse when the entire band joined.

ogs part 2 49

ogs part 2 50

There was a very nostalgic feeling towards the end. It shot me right through the heart and overwhelmed me a little. (Ugh I sound like I’m writing a fic, ahaha.) It was a really good stage. Even my sisters who were non-Infinite fans complimented on Sunggyu’s vocals.

There you have it! I have two more posts, omg, wish me luck to update asap! *_*

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