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131103 Infinite 1st World Tour – One Great Step in Manila (1/4)

Just to brief everyone, all my OGS posts will be image-heavy! Please expect the page to load longer than usual. ;;

ogs part 1 1

Alright. Time to be honest with everyone. For the longest time, I had no idea how to begin writing about OGS. I was worried about a lot of things, from recalling the setlist in Manila (because it was a little different compared to other countries) to what words to use to portray the personal feelings accurately. It’s even more daunting now what with acquiring a new domain name and host for the first time. You can say that I’m in the midst of “branding” myself and that I’m becoming super conscious on how to act.

Then I thought about it and came to a realization. If you think about it, branding yourself doesn’t mean you have to change how you project yourself to the public, in or out of the Internet. Cheesy as it sounds, you just have to be yourself. How you are is, well, how you really are! People are insightful and they’ll see right through you even by just seeing words on the screen. I believe I’ve been a decent person so far, even with the whole crazy internal fangirl shrieking and all, so why fret? I’m comfortable with how I am. Really, there’s no reason to worry. Silly Elaine!

Well, let’s not forget that end-of-year work/stress/festivities have all been steadfastly increasing too. Obligations include scouring and buying plenty of gifts in malls, crying in anguish at out-of-stock products that you need, and like I said, increasing workload and dealing with stress (of others, tbh), among others. No matter! As I’ve been saying in the office recently, I choose to be happy, haha. It’s my current personal mantra.

Enough of the RL rambling. Let’s move on to the whole happiness thing. Sharing the good vibes through my photos is how I want to be. (Yehesss gumaganon haha!) And in this case, it’s Infinite’s OGS in Manila. This is just the first part, from the beginning until 너에게 간다 (Going To You). I hope you guys like the photos and, for those who went to the concert, cheers to a trip down memory lane!

(Part of the branding thing I guess is that a limelaine post won’t be complete without my rambles so, eheh, like I said before, you can choose to ignore if it’s too much, lol!)

Special mention and shoutout to Nina, Clara, Dana, Beng, Yna, and Afi! These girls are absolutely crazy for indulging my never-ending OGS hangover. You guys are amazing and I love you all! ♥

Okay, here we go:

I went to the concert with Nina, Beng, and Dana. I wasn’t able to meet Yna. ;; Beng and Dana rushed to the barricades so I wasn’t able to be all hawak kamay (literal translation: holding hands) with them, so that left Nina and me. We both had an agreement that if the crowd would get too much, we would step away and move to the side. Kind of like what happened in K-pop Republic, though we’d thought of it belatedly.

S0, before the concert began, a girl approached us and handed out kiddie birthday caps. She told us that we’re going to sing Happy Birthday for Dongwoo right after their performance of The Chaser. We were so game even if we weren’t familiar with the surprise event. We had no idea how it would impact Dongwoo’s sanity either, lol!

ogs part 1 2

ogs part 1 3

ogs part 1 4

The concert’s theme, I presume, was a dystopia wherein music was prohibited. I can practically still hear all the screams when words like “music is dead” and “Infinite is dead” or something along those lines were on the LED screen. I’m still laughing remembering it! It’s a nice theme… or I’m just a huge sucker for dystopia/music combinations. It’s very reminiscent of Anyband’s MV Talk Play Love and Promise You and I loved that!

The beginning songs were Destiny and Tic Toc. As soon as Destiny started, I was wondering why it sounded like a remix buuuuut not quite. Then I had an epiphany. THEY HAD A LIVE BAND. A. Live. Freaking. Band. I could’ve sworn I died multiple times. Let me just remind everyone that I hadn’t watched anything OGS-related before the concert so everything was a surprise for me, except for the songs which I vaguely even remembered then!

To this day I’m still shocked at the production value for OGS. Bless everyone who brainstormed for this concert, omg. I love you, live band! Sad that they weren’t introduced individually a la Tohoshinki concerts, though. 🙁

ogs part 1 5

Where I was–right side of Platinum B or what I call to this day, Platinum Bloodshed which is actually somewhat appropriate. I was already bracing myself for the push and pull a la EXO fans in K-pop Republic, but I’m very pleased to say it never happened to me in OGS! Or maybe it’s because I escaped the crowd after taking the shot above? Overall, I think the crowd was controllable, though Infinite was asking us to “calm down” (literally their words) while they were talking. I was assuming it was because the screaming was so intense, lol!

Also, I’ve read that OGS’ moshpits in other cities like New York and London were much, much worse, to the extent that people got hurt. 🙁 I hope those who were hurt are okay now. I know the feeling.

ogs part 1 6

ogs part 1 7

ogs part 1 8

ogs part 1 9

ogs part 1 10

ogs part 1 11

ogs part 1 12

ogs part 1 13

ogs part 1 14

Can we take a moment to appreciate Dongwoo’s guns? Hooooooot!

ogs part 1 15

ogs part 1 16

ogs part 1 17

ogs part 1 18

This was before Paradise when they started stripping and all. Trust me, I wasn’t as composed as I am right now.

ogs part 1 20

ogs part 1 21
Lots of skin as you guys can see. Wow ulam. 😀

ogs part 1 22

ogs part 1 23

Hoya. 🙁 I cry!

ogs part 1 24

They’re all fit (?) like they’re not too skinny (except for Sungjong seriously boy haha) nor are they too buff. Perfect bodies!

ogs part 1 25

ogs part 1 26

The commentary part…! Throughout the concert, they were all speaking in English and Filipino. Sometime’s they’d slip into Korean (looking at Woohyun, really). Nevertheless, a valiant attempt, Infinite. They were understandable though sometimes I would end up screaming “WHAT???” or “ANSABEH???” if I couldn’t hear them clearly. What they said in Filipino pretty much reflected their personalities (or stage personas is more like it).

Sunggyu’s voice stood out to me. When he speaks in Korean, he has a relatively deep voice but when he speaks in English or Filipino, it’s like an octave or two higher. I SWEAR. IT’S JUST REALLY ADORABLE, H E L P. 🙁

Also, hey suddenly they’re in gorgeous Napoleon jackets.

ogs part 1 27
This was featured in Style Weekend. c:

ogs part 1 28

ogs part 1 29

날개 (Wings)!

ogs part 1 30

ogs part 1 31

ogs part 1 32

ogs part 1 33

ogs part 1 34

ogs part 1 35

Sexy chair dance to Inception, aaaaahhhhh.

ogs part 1 36

ogs part 1 37

ogs part 1 38

ogs part 1 40

ogs part 1 41

More commentary, more of Sunggyu’s cute tiny voice!

ogs part 1 42

ogs part 1 43

ogs part 1 44

ogs part 1 45

ogs part 1 46

This was from Can U Smile when Hoya was being smooth and ~cool~. The remix was pretty awesome too. Really sexy!

ogs part 1 47

ogs part 1 48

They performed one of my favorite songs, 너에게 간다 (Going To You). Yes, I know the lyrics are so makulit, the whole andwae andwae andwae part getting repetitive, but I adore it anyway.

ogs part 1 49

ogs part 1 50

ogs part 1 51

ogs part 1 52

ogs part 1 53

Hoya being a cutie. :”)

Alright, that’s it for now. Hope it was worth the wait. More to come soon!

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