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131102 Infinite 1st World Tour – One Great Step in Manila Press Conference

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I can finally break the silence as Manila Bulletin’s Style Weekend has finally published the article and the photos taken by yours truly. And, well, I was kind of too lazy/busy to write this fan account and editing a bajillion photos. Add in my too-complicated emotions in rewatching fancams (in despair!) whenever possible, violently smashing the table because of overwhelming feelings, and you get this super late post. I’ll be posting the pictures that were featured in the following posts.

To date, Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert (DKFC) remains as the craziest, most emotionally-charged concert I’ve been to. As early as a week before, I began experiencing extreme anxiety and I was having panic attacks. I reached my peak on January 18, a day before the concert itself. Nina can attest to this, lol! I know I sound so OA (overreacting) but I really did feel that way. The week after left me in a daze/busily uploading photos. To top it off, it was my first concert experience ever. Yep, twenty-something years of zero concerts until this year, would you believe?! This year alone, I’d gone to four concerts. Parang nakawala lang sa hawla (It’s like I just got out of a cage). DKFC was just the beginning of my beautiful, concert-ridden life. More to come in 2014!

ogs presscon 3

“Nothing will beat DKFC,” I always think to myself. Even though I’d gone to all those concerts, I still hold this sentiment close to my heart.

But guess what? I have to confess: Infinite’s 1st World Tour One Great Step in Manila (OGS) comes pretty darn close to my DKFC experience, if not on par with it. The reason? I still can’t stop raving about it! Okay, it’s partly because I hardly had time to spazz after the concert, courtesy of a truckload of work. Plus, I had to edit soooo many photos since they’re not as nice as the ones I took during DKFC. Back then I was able to borrow Canon’s 70-200mm f/2.8 second gen lens and upload photos right away (which by the way I really recommend the lens because with the right settings, it takes photos sharply and beautifully even with my tiny 600D). For OGS, I only had my 18-135mm kit lens so, you know, I had to make do.

To summarize OGS, it was incredible. It surprised me so much it grabbed a hold of my soul and never gave it back. Even if you’re a casual Infinite fan like I was—WAS!—just go. Go spend that hard-earned cash on a ticket and watch OGS, especially if you’re going to have it in your country. It makes it more special, you know? Boys in your home country talking and singing in your language (and possibly crying haha Dongwoo and Woohyun) really, you can’t ask for more.

I’m going to have separate entries for OGS so I can finally, finally put all my nonstop blabbering to a rest. This is going to be the first one of four or five posts, I think. Anyway! If you’re here for the pics, enjoy them and you can read the rest of my too-detailed fan account while you’re at it. You can always just stare at pretty boys when my gushing and talking gets too much. 😛

Also, if you have the time, I encourage you to leave a comment in any of the entries and tell me about your OGS experience.

Let’s begin!

I’m going to be the best fan ever right now and straight up say that I didn’t find the presscon all too interesting; predetermined questions, quite generic answers, and no open forum. Lighting was absolute crap (editing the photos was a nightmare omg bless RAW) and the far photographers’ area. Who was I kidding with my 50mm f/1.4! I was pretty sad that I wasn’t even able to test Crowne Plaza’s food either, but that’s kind of my fault because I was too shy to get any of the unlimited (!!!) tea or coffee. Anyway, it all happened so fast.

But of course despite the downs, seeing the boys in an enclosed, non-chaotic formal event was the best thing to happen, ever. Feeling grateful and exhilarated for being invited? Understatements. I was beyond those!

Let’s talk about the location. I wasn’t able to take photos outside the ballroom since I was hesitant to take out my DSLR. I was afraid someone might ask me to step out and… yeah, paranoid I know, lol. The ballroom itself was located perpendicular to the corridor, but before you could even pass there, there were bouncers and organizers (I suppose?) who were checking the list and guarding the place. You really couldn’t go beyond them unless you were part of the list. They called people one by one and if your name’s not on it even if you’re part of media, you couldn’t get in. Or at least that’s what I remember. I’m pretty sure a lot of the foreigners who were there were fansite masters. They weren’t able to get in since they weren’t on the list.

Once we got in, we were led to outside of the ballroom where the registry was. We were asked to sign up. Afterwards, we went inside and here’s the view from the photographers’ area’s platform—with Infinite!

ogs presscon 4

Of course Infinite wasn’t there yet when we went in. Before it all began, all the kuyas were yelling, reminding us, “Hoy magcheer kayo pagpasok nila!” (“Hey! You guys should cheer when they enter!”) While waiting for it to start, I had to sit on the platform to save my place” and conserve energy I suppose. I was still absorbing that This was Really Happening. I probably looked dazed because a kuya approached me and asked, “Oh, bakit ang lungkot mo?” (“Oh, why are you so sad?”) LOL. I laughed and reassured dear kuya that I was actually pretty happy.

ogs presscon 5

Anyway, I don’t remember much from the presscon Q&A. #sadlife Senior moments plague my mind, haha. But I do remember a few things. One of the members would want to go on a vacation to Boracay when their tour ends. I don’t know if they’re going to continue with those plans, but can I just say, ugh, I can gush about Boracay forever. Absolutely beautiful place, hands down, even though it’s quite “urbanized” already. So yes, it’s a good choice, Infinite. I’ll be back there come late April! /random 😀 Going back to the topic, so they’re preparing for a new album, yay, they wanted to come back here because of the warm lovin’ Pinoy fans provided back in January, etc etc. Generic answers to generic questions, lol. Clara would definitely remember more.

Now my impression of the members during the event! In no particular order (maybe except Woohyun, oops):

ogs presscon 6

ogs presscon 7

ogs presscon 8

Woohyun was very bubbly! There’s not much difference from Woohyun during the presscon and Woohyun at other times. He kept on doing these pa-cute (cutesy) hand gestures, I just! 🙁 He’s so cute omg someone stop him! Hoya kept on indulging him, giving him attention and such; it was great. :”) He also looks like a cute puppy.

ogs presscon 9

Myungsoo. I feel like I started really liking him because of this presscon, and it’s for a weird reason, I guess. He’s known as the 4D member and I can kind of see why now. He literally looked stoned for the whole duration of the presscon, staring off into space. I would pan the camera away from him for a minute and when I get back to him, he would still have the exact same expression and pose. But it’s so weird because sometimes he would suddenly laugh for no reason, then revert back to his dazed face. He’s just so bizarre it’s hilarious, you get me? That’s why whenever I see Myungsoo now, picture or video, I’d remember him in the presscon and I can’t resist laughing.

ogs presscon 10

ogs presscon 11

Dongwoo is adorable. Like, really guys, seriously you can’t not like him. His smile is so infectious omg you can’t help but smile and laugh along with him. Super charming kid! This was also when I started noticing how Dongwoo and Woohyun seemed inseparable. They kept talking to each other and there was a lot of ninja-skinship. :”) They seemed to legitimately support and adore each other, ugh, I love their bromance.

ogs presscon 12

ogs presscon 13

Much to my surprise, Sungyeol was one of the more aloof ones then. Not in a bad way. He was just quiet, something I’m sure not everyone is used to, haha. He was fiddling with the microphone and occasionally answering some questions, though he would join the fun at times. Sungjong was the same as Sungyeol, except he carried a very formal aura around him. He seemed regal, I suppose? He didn’t have the whole “diva” thing that time. Just prim and proper. He’s really pretty too. 😀

ogs presscon 14

Sunggyu. Ahh, Sunggyu. I started off OGS with nothing for this boy then I ended up getting slapped in the face with Unexpected Feelings as if the universe was telling me to get a reality check—and reality check I got! It’s an understatement to say that I’ve started liking him; I’m absolutely smitten. ;; Anyway, in the beginning of the presscon, he was kind of upholding the whole leader image, answering questions politely and such. Towards the middle when he mentioned the Boracay part, everyone in the room laughed in amusement and I think that was when he seemingly started to loosen up a bit. He beamed and it went downhill from there. He didn’t hold in his smiles after. ;o;

ogs presscon 15

ogs presscon 16

There were a couple of funny moments, most of them were at the end of the presscon and Infinite was not directly involved in them. When it was time for the photo-op, Infinite was posing as if they were waving their hands. Then one of the kuyas beside me yelled, “Wacky! Wacky naman diyan!” (“Wacky! Do a wacky pose!”) The boys were so confused lol they were baffled as to what pose they were going to do next. Instead, they just did the “fighting!” pose. We laughed and Hoya and Dongwoo, bless their souls, laughed along with us. Sunggyu followed when he saw them laughing. The others simply smiled, probably still confused. When they walked out, Hoya was waving, smiling at us and I cou. Signs of growing up, Elaine—getting worried about the kids’ well-being. That, or maybe working in a school has affected my mentality since I have to take care of kids every day, haha.t resist waving back. /loser

After the presscon, Clara and I walked out and one of the kuyas (I don’t know why it’s always the kuyas!) commented, “Bakla yung isa dun noh? Yung gitna?” (“One of them is gay, right? The middle one?”) Lakas maka-intriga! But we didn’t know who he was referring to since we couldn’t remember the positions, so we asked him to point to the boys’ individual posters. He scrutinized them for a moment then remarked, “Parang lahat naman yata pala.” (“Seems like it’s all of them.”) ^^;

Let’s go to the eyebrow-raising moments, one good and the other… not-so good. Let’s start with the good. We got complimentary Lower Box B tickets! Not one, but two for each person! Prior to entering the ballroom, we were asked to register, right? After the event, we were told to claim our free tickets at the registry. When I received them, I wasn’t sure what to do with them since I already had my Patron B ticket (like I said before #teammoshpit for life!).

Which brings me to the next part, the not-so good part. I’ve mentioned previously that there were many fansite masters outside, right? Now, I don’t know if this one girl was a fansite master, so don’t take my word on it. This girl approached us and she asked how we were able to score the tickets. So we answered her, telling her that we attended the presscon. She then replied that she was part of it too, so we told her that she had go back to the registry to get her tickets. Then she stared blankly at us then she asked us the same questions again. At first we thought that maybe it was the language barrier but after rehashing everything, she asked us if the presscon was still ongoing. It was a “girl, girl hold up” moment right there. It was until another local fan (Ate Diane, hi, hehe!) intercepted and told us that the girl wasn’t really part of the presscon and she was just chancing on free tickets. 🙁

Clara and I slowly and awkwardly backed away while the girl talked to her friend, lol! I’m sure there are nice fansite masters out there (I know a couple of them) but honestly, I haven’t had good encounters with the general population, so. 🙁 This didn’t really surprise me, sad as it sounds.

Anyway, before we went home, we encountered some teens waiting outside Crowne Plaza’s lobby (as seen in my sneak peek post). Puro bagets! I wonder if their parents knew of their whereabouts? 😮

Then I got home, shared the good news with my sisters and they gladly snatched the tickets away from my unguarded hands—well, figuratively. 😛

There you have it, the presscon part of my OGS weekend. I’m surprised I was able to churn out this much just for a presscon post. It’s been a while (read: forever/years) since I blogged anything substantial, so I may not have any idea of what moderation is at the moment. ;_; I’ll get my mojo back someday.

Coming up next, the concert itself! Phew. There will be more images, I promise! And maybe less of my blabbering.

PS. I have exciting news (news talaga?!) for everyone. My current WordPress is getting an overhaul in the near future because I just sort of bought my own domain and host, hihi. /excited

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