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131102-131103 Infinite 1st World Tour – One Great Step in Manila (Sneak Peek)

One Great Step (OGS) in Manila concluded approximately 24-ish hours ago. Still amazing, still in awe. Biggest hangover, I tell you! I not-so secretly dubbed it the OGS weekend. It signaled the end of the sembreak (back to work, huhu) but it didn’t faze me (and my friends). Well, post-OGS is a different story, hehe. I went to work today and I kept saying that I left my soul in Araneta Coliseum lol. I was so out of it that I poured cold water in my coffee. OTL It really takes time to recover!

Anyway! This post will be a sneak peek (obviously Elaine, the title gave it away!) of my OGS weekend. Or like a condensed version of a fanaccount.

To give a brief background of my experience, yes, I did go to the press conference, and yes, I did go to the concert itself. The photos in this entry will be my personal highlights of OGS in both events. If you don’t see the other members, fret not! I have photos of them; I just had to post my bias (Woohyun ♥), second-in-line bias (Dongwoo ♥) and new-found bias (Sunggyu ♥). I will post a full fanaccount (that will take forever for me to write because work is keeping me incredibly busy!) containing my shenanigans and my impressions of the boys and the presscon + concert. 😀

For now, I hope these pictures will keep you satiated until my next post. 🙂

Before the presscon began, I was tinkering with my 50mm which kind of proved useless because the photographers’ area was a little far. ;; The bokeh was still nice though. /sucker I ended up sticking with my basic 18-135mm kit lens (which I also used during the concert #tiwalalang ang peg lol).

After the presscon, Clara (who I am very thankful of that I had to opportunity to photograph Infinite!) and I were about to go home when the sight of these girls greeted us outside. They were eagerly waiting for the boys and showing their support. Ahh, to have that much energy once again! #teambagets

Much to our (Clara and I) surprise, they gave out two lower box tickets per person who attended the presscon. To say we were surprised is an understatement! I already purchased a patron standing ticket (#teammoshpit for life haha) so at first I didn’t know who to give these because my two sisters weren’t even fans of Infinite. I told them and… I underestimated them. They’re #teamposers LOL but seriously speaking, they just enjoy going to concerts regardless of the artists!

Enter Infinite #1 bias for life, Nam Woohyun. I had a brief moment with him during Cover Girl. :”)

Bias #2, Jang Dongwoo. He cried! OGS: it’s more fun in the Philippines. Charot, haha!

Bias #2 (tied with Dongwoo), Kim Sunggyu. More on him next time. I feel like I can already do a whole post about him, haha. Just kidding. Maybe a paragraph or two. 😛

If there’s anything that really stood out to me in OGS in Manila, it’s that Dongwoo and Woohyun seem legitimately close to each other. Before this, I thought Woohyun and Sunggyu would have the most brOTP interactions (Sesame Player lol!), but surprisingly, I didn’t see much, if any. Â Dongwoo would literally drape himself over Woohyun (presscon and concert) and Woohyun wouldn’t even bat an eyelash. In the picture above, Woohyun was the first to comfort Dongwoo. There are more, actually. They’re just very… ninja-ish? subtle? with their bromance, it’s super endearing. :’(

(Also pls ignore the slight chromatic aberrations on Dongwoo. :c My 600D and kit lens can only do so much lol. This is also a cropped photo. Phones, iPads, and cameras were literally framing them. OTL)

The ending! *u*

On our way out the Big Dome! It seems deserted but it wasn’t, haha.

That’s all I have for now. Please anticipate the full fanaccount + photos. (It… will take some time because I took 3000++. It’s pretty insane.)

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