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130119 Throwback: Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert (DKFC)

The first DKFC in the Philippines was on January 19, 2013, exactly a year ago. Every 19th of the month in 2013 was a sentimental day for me, lol. Can’t believe there will be another DKFC in a few weeks!

Like the title said, this is a throwback to the first DKFC. I can still remember how much I stressed myself out several days before the concert, haha. Confusing arrival dates and first date-like jitters! My friends can testify to that. It all turned out well for me because I had a blast during the concert itself. 12,000+ PHP ($267+) was well spent, as evidenced by my never-ending blabbering about it. It’s hard to get over something so magical!

DKFC is so memorable for me, it’s not hard to remember even the tiniest details. The wait under the scorching heat and unforgiving humidity of Metro Manila (okay well, Pasay City to be exact) for some six hours, give or take. EXO rehearsing in the middle of waiting and me getting incredibly jittery. Experiencing interacting with a few bad apples who would push fans and swat away lightsticks (lol #alammonayan!). Meeting and getting along with amazing fans from other countries. The opening acts, Ate Kring, Infinite (♥), Tasty, U-KISS, Tahiti, EXO (♥), Girls Generation–it was insane! Just remembering it makes me smile; it was just unbelievable being able to see the complete EXO group in the flesh.

I’ve gotten over the DKFC experience, really, thanks to OGS that has sorta taken its place, haha move on move on din pag may time!

Well, anyway it’s been a year since it all happened, so it’s only proper to commemorate the concert. 🙂 This post will contain unseen photos (naks!) I had taken last year from the concert. Head over to my Tumblr page (dedicated to DKFC!) to see the ones I’ve already posted.

On a sidenote: this was my first time to shoot a concert. My inexperienced hands were shooting with a heavyweight (figuratively and literally lol) EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM. (Note: I wrote in my old blog that I said I used the first gen of IS but disregard that; I was definitely using the second gen lens.) I didn’t know what it was capable of so if the photos seem quite amateur-ish and unseasoned despite the lens, well, they are. ;;






















I hope you guys liked it and enjoyed reminiscing! 🙂 Those who will go to DKFC2 on February 2nd, see you guys soon! I’ll be there for BAP and BTOB. (BTOB is a new discovery; how could I resist boys with sabaw sense of humor?!) I hope it’ll be as memorable and as epic as the first one!

PS. It’s been very Tagaytay-ish in Manila recently and I’ve been loving it. Legit sweater weather.

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    January 30, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    Super relate ako dito. I was there. This was the first time I saw Infinite… And omg I was crying for real that time. Hahah! I’m also glad I was able to see EXO and SNSD complete.

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